Content Considerations for Administrative/Operational Support

There is great variety among administrative and operational support departments. From communications to bring prospective students to campus, to maintaining the grounds prospective students enjoy on those visits, all UM-Flint departments play important roles in fulfilling this institution’s mission.

Because there is such variety of missions—and audiences—among these departments, it is difficult to fit them under one umbrella. More than anything, what unites these units is the focused nature of their services. And therein lies the guide for creating the best experience for users: explanation of services and easy access to them through your website. That’s it!

Seriously, that is it. Some units charged with narrow-but-critical functions feel they must add content and functionality beyond that which meets this core mission. Be reassured, your website’s users simply want to find core information and take quick, effective actions—not “fun facts” or “additional reading.”