Keeping the Campus Community Informed

The University of Michigan-Flint is dedicated to keeping the campus up-to-date regarding any information about the ongoing pandemic. This is a compendium of all campus notifications regarding the pandemic since it began to surface during Winter 2020.

Total Positive Case Count: 48

The University of Michigan-Flint works closely with the Genesee County Health Department to track cases of COVID-19 that impact our campus community. The university reports cases that we are made aware of to the GCHD. Of those cases, this website posts regular updates of the total positive cases where an individual was potentially infectious when they were on campus since August 31, 2020.

Campus COVID-19 Positive Case Notifications

Below is a list of every notification to the campus regarding a COVID-19 positive case associated with a reported individual that was on campus while they may have been potentially infectious with the virus. This information will continue to be updated.

November 2020
October 2020
September 2020
August 2020

UM-Flint Town Hall Sessions

As part of the university commitment to offering ongoing, transparent communication during the pandemic, town halls have been held by the Reopening Committee on an ongoing basis. These forums allow all campus stakeholders to participate and ask the questions they need in order to take action. Future town halls will be held as we continue to navigate this uncertain time.

Faculty & Staff Town Halls
Student Town Halls

Messages to the UM-Flint Campus Community

Throughout the pandemic, UM-Flint has communicated information on an ongoing basis via email. Every email sent to the campus is compiled here for reference. This section is continually updated with the latest notifications.

November 2020
September 2020
June 2020
May 2020
April 2020
March 2020
February 2020
January 2020