Fall 2021 Campus Experience

UM-Flint is ready to help our campus community stay safe during the coming academic year. Preeti Malani, M.D. is the University of Michigan’s Chief Health Officer. She has advice for all University of Michigan students on how to take action to stay healthy during the academic year. 

Academic Calendar & Course Offerings

The Fall 2021 academic course schedule will have modality options similar to the prior in an effort to reduce campus density. Academic administrators reviewed all courses, modes of teaching and faculty preference (which included tenure track, clinical and lecturers) have been taken into consideration. We are attempting to provide students with a variety of options of class modes. Those modality definitions can be found on the Registrar’s website

Modality options are: 

Face to Face Courses (indicated by only a numeric section number) These courses will have face to face meeting times on campus.  

Online Synchronous (indicated by a W + numeric section number) An online course that meets at regular times via remote conferencing tools with live instructor interaction. (No in-seat meeting.) This type of course will likely contain some asynchronous content. For example: syllabus, lecture files, and readings. The schedule will indicate “synchronous” (OSYNC) in the “where” or location portion of SIS.

Online Asynchronous (indicated by a W + numeric section number) Courses comprised of learning activities that students can complete on their own time, with regular deadlines that keep them on track. Students will engage with the majority of course materials without the instructor present. The course material is typically available in a Blackboard course shell. The schedule will indicate “asynchronous” (OASYNC) in the “where” or location portion of SIS, and TBA in the time as there is no set meeting time at any time during the semester.

Mixed Mode Courses (indicated by a M + numeric section number) These courses will have both online (may be synchronous or asynchronous) and on-campus elements. The multiple schedule lines indicate when at least one on-campus meeting is required, and online meeting attendance is required either in synchronous or asynchronous mode. This is different from Hyperflex because all students are participating in the same modality at all times. Courses for which between 30 and 79 percent of instruction is delivered online.

Hyperflex Courses (indicated by an H + numeric section number) These courses are a form of mixed-mode course: they meet synchronously in a classroom while simultaneously allowing students to participate online. This mode allows for students to learn in the classroom or live (synchronously) online at the same time. Faculty will teach in the classroom with some students physically present while the remaining students participate remotely. It is possible to participate in this mode without ever attending class on campus.

Our in-person courses for Fall term are around 50% of our course offerings. The fall semester course schedule can be found here.

No changes have been made to the academic calendar for Fall 2021 and it can be found here

All student services will be available in some face to face way beginning on August 16, 2021, some offices will continue to offer virtual services as well, please consult their office websites for additional information. 

At this time building entrances will still be limited and all people coming to campus will utilize a health screening location. Current building hours can be found here.