CSEP Department Research

The scientific search for knowledge furthers human understanding of the world around us, helps us solve new or existing problems, and provides useful scientific information. CSEP faculty conduct research in their respective areas to further their fields of study. Below is an outline of some current endeavours.


Computer Science and Information Systems

Lab for Advanced Networks and Systems (L.A.N.S.)
The Lab for Advanced Networks and Systems (LANS) Research Group, led by  Suleyman Uludag in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Michigan-Flint , pursues research in the general area of computer network systems.

The Data Management Research Group
The Data Management Research Group at UMFlint, led by Murali Mani of the Department of Computer Science, pursues research in the area of database management systems.



Physics and Astronomy

Astronomy Research Group
The Astronomy Research Group, led by Rajib Ganguly, pursues research regarding the growth of the largest black holes in the universe (quasars) and how that growth affects the galaxy in which that black hole lives.




Engineering Education Research Group

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Research Group