DEI Committee Co-Chair, Jan Furman

Professor Jan Furman teaches in the Department of English and directs the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.  She has served on faculty committees at all levels of the university in one of a number of efforts to make excellence inclusive.  Professor Furman studies American literature with emphasis on narratives of national identity and representations of race and gender, which shape and challenge those narratives.  Her research has led to many essays, books, and edited volumes, including Toni Morrison’s Fiction (1996), John McCline’s Life During Slavery and the Civil War (1998), Song of Solomon:  A Casebook (2003), “American Romance, the Moral Imagination and Toni Morrison:  A Theory of Literary Aesthetics” (2012), “Telling Stories:  Evolving Narrative Identity in Toni Morrison’s Home” (2014), Toni Morrison’s Fiction: Expanded Edition (2014).  Professor Furman earned a bachelor’s in English at Tuskegee University, a master’s in English at Bucknell University, and a Ph.D. in English at Florida State.


DEI Committee Co-Chair, David Luke

Dr. David J. Luke joined the University of Michigan-Flint in May 2018 as Director of the Intercultural Center (ICC). In this role, as the unit’s first full time director, Dr. Luke established the strategic direction and guiding pillars of the ICC (Belonging, Advocacy, and Education) and focused on building a schedule of recurring programming to enhance student life and engagement guided by these pillars. Dr. Luke earned bachelor’s degrees in accounting and sociology from Grand Valley State University, a master’s and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Kentucky. As a sociologist and Interim Campus Diversity Officer, Dr. Luke intentionally interrogates what appear to be isolated instances in their broader contexts to explore innovative structural or policy-oriented solutions in order to build more inclusive communities for all, with a recognition that the umbrella of “diversity” is large and constantly evolving.


DEI Committee Members

Thomn Bell, School of Education and Human Services

Sarah Case, College of Health Sciences

Chelsea Duncan, School of Nursing

Omar Elnour, Undergraduate Student

Marilyn Filter, School of Nursing

Stephanie Gelderloos, LEO Lecturer

George Hakim, Business and Finance

Samara Hough, Division of Student Affairs

Min Huang, Faculty Council

Tatiana Hull, Graduate Student

Courtney Humphrey, Graduate Student

Andre Louis, Staff Council

Murali Mani, College of Arts and Sciences

Kyle McCree, Graduate Student

Annie McMahon Whitlock, At-large

Mia McNeil, University Advancement

Cathleen Miller, School of Management

Emily Newberry, Thompson Library

Debra Price, At-large

Meoachy Proby, Department of Public Safety

Samantha Uptmor, Undergraduate Student

Lori Vedder, Enrollment Management


Ex officio

Chris Giordano, Division of Student Affairs

Shelby Newport, Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs