Elements of a Request for Sponsorship

Writing a Sponsorship Proposal

Investigate the appropriate time to send your proposal. The more lead time the better!

  • Remember to follow sponsorship guidelines provided by a potential sponsor.
  • Introduce your organization and provide background information.
  • Do not assume the sponsor knows who you are or what you do.
  • Be creative.
  • Address the following points in your proposal: Overview of organization; benefits your organization can offer the sponsor; credentials and key personnel; a list of current and past sponsors; outline of what you are prepared to offer the sponsor; extent of any media coverage; a realistic estimate of the number of people who participate; the current level of community support and awareness for the project.

List the Benefits

  • Determine what is "marketable."
  • List every benefit you can offer the sponsor.
  • Value the sponsorship on merit, rather than what you would like to recieve.
  • Ensure everyone knows the name and business activities of the sponsor.
  • Take every opportunity to publicly thank and acknowledge the involvement of the sponsor.
  • Display the sponsor's logo whenever required by your agreement.
  • Honor the agreement.
  • Maintain signs and other materials that mention the sponsor.

Keeping a Sponsor

  • Be aware that the sponsorship market is competitive.
  • Monitor your sponsor's business and ensure your activities are relevant to the sponsor.
  • Demonstrate you understand the sponsor's business.
  • Find out which of your current activities are most valuable to your sponsor.
  • Make sure everyone involved wants to continue with the sponsor.
  • Evaluate your activities. If you can offer the sponsor increased benefits, ask for a higher level of sponsorship.