Becoming a victor at the University of Michigan-Flint would not be possible without the continued support of programs and initiatives that contribute toward the holistic development of our students. Our faculty, staff and retiree’s play a central role in creating an environment that encourages our students to thrive in all areas of their lives and provide them with a word-class education.

The professional and financial support that those close to the University of Michigan-Flint provide, demonstrate the commitment that the community has toward our students. This year, we would like to invite our faculty, staff and retiree’s to consider joining their coworker to join the movement to give form within. Thank you for investing in the success of our leaders of tomorrow.

You can use our online form or set up payroll deduction through Wolverine Access. If using Wolverine Access, it may be helpful to open our PDF to walk you through the steps. Donations can also be made through an outright gift or divided into payments.  Methods of payment may include cash, check or credit card.

We thank you in advance for your continued generosity and support.

Go Blue!

Your Impact


Giving back to the university impacts our students in very unique and different ways. 

WHEN YOU CHOOSE TO SUPPORT STUDENTS, you play an integral role in shaping the Victors of tomorrow. You make it possible for the next entrepreneur to build a transformative business, the next social worker to support others, the next nurse to provide exceptional patient care and the next engineer to build and innovate. Each one of these students will achieve their dreams and make an impact, thanks to you.

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UM-Flint has received a grant of $40,000 from the Jonas Center for Nursing and Veterans Healthcare, and with an additional $17,500 of its own scholarship funds, it will provide four doctoral nursing students with scholarships in 2014. 




Priority #2
Engaged Learning 

The University of Michigan-Flint education expands beyond the classroom walls by providing students with out-of-the-classroom experiences. Our immersive programs allow studetns to apply the facts and theories they've learned to real-life, hands-on situations. This engaged learning gives them skills and experiences they need to be effective leaders with the confidence to innovate, be entrepreneurial, and re-invent themselves. 

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Priority #3
Bold Ideas

Our public mission states - the imperative to serve society - is at the core of who we are. Today, as always, our faculty and students are generating innovative ideas for addressing some of the world’s most daunting problems. Support our students to go above and beyond and to challenge the boundaries of knowledge, spark creative collaborations and foster innovations that will - again - transform the world.

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For the full story about how a group of students developed the first UM-Flint Robot for Relief, click here.

How to Give

How to give

One of the fastest and most convenient ways of giving is making a recurring gift through payroll deduction (available through Wolverine Access).  This allows you the flexibility of splitting your gift into convenient payments and gives you the added ability to control the length and frequency of your giving. 

Instructions on setting up a payroll deduction.

To learn about other ways to give click here. If you have additional questions you can always contact us (phone num & email add)


Faculty/Staff Scholarship

Message from Matt Wyneken

On November 10, 1976, Mathematics Professor William V. Caldwell, wrote to English Professor and Dean Wes Rae, inquiring about establishing a fund at the University of Michigan-Flint “to attract and retain more superior students.”  Over its 40 year history, the Faculty & Staff Scholarship contributions for exceptional students were awarded by the Student Concerns Committee (SCC) in their entirety.  This year, supported by two initial exceptional gifts, a $10,000 gift from a retiring faculty member and another $5,000 gift from a current faculty member, the SCC in conjunction with the Office of Development, is seeking to establish an endowment from which awards will be made from the annual interest income of the endowment.  Our first year goal is to collect contributions from current and retired faculty and staff to match these two gifts, and then to gradually increase this endowment in the years to come.

To match this $15,000 we will need to collect, on average, from each faculty and staff member about $20.  Certainly, many will contribute more than this very modest amount so we are confident that we will reach and surpass our goal.

Faculty/Staff Scholarship Requirements:

 For full- or part-time, graduate or undergraduate students. A cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, sophomore or higher standing, and a minimum of 25 credit hours earned at the University of Michigan-Flint are required. Any faculty/staff member may nominate a student by writing a letter of recommendation. Awards are based on academic achievement, goals and character. 

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Student Testimonials

Jill Brown

"My name is Jill Brown.  I recently completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at UM-Flint and am now pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) concentrating in Psychiatry.  I am deeply appreciative for the Faculty/Staff Scholarship in helping me make this transition to a doctoral program.  The support has helped me pay for graduate tuition while keeping my student loan debt down. I am also grateful for the opportunity to attend classes at the University of Michigan-Flint and feel that I am getting a wonderful education.  My classes are interesting as well as informative and have played a huge role in my personal growth.  I have also received an incredible amount of encouragement from faculty and staff.  This encouragement is helping me perform well in my program and is preparing me to serve my field and my patients with the best possible care.  I thank you, faculty and staff, for all that you do for students at the Flint campus!”


Mariana Barillas

"I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from the Faculty/Staff scholarship and would like to thank the generous donors who make this scholarship possible for students like me. This scholarship came at a critical time in my life, allowing me to continue my studies and community involvement with fewer financial restrictions. Instead of worrying about paying tuition, I was able to focus on the things I am most passionate about. With my new-found freedom, I accepted a position at the Michigan Times. This formative experience gave me the background and skills necessary to accept a paid internship this summer at a national news outlet in the Washington, DC area. Through writing for the student newspaper, I realized that my long-term interest in politics, philosophy, world events, and serving the public interest translates best into a journalism career."



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is faculty and staff giving so important to the University of Michigan-Flint?
Gifts from faculty and staff provide funding for important initiatives at the University of Michigan-Flint. They also are an endorsement of the University, announcing to alumni, friends, corporations, and foundations that UM-Flint is an institution worthy of support and that support starts at “home.”


How is the Faculty and Staff Campaign different from other fundraising efforts on campus?
Faculty and Staff Campaign contributions are used internally for UM-Flint’s individual programs, projects, and endowments. Faculty and staff donors choose where they want their gifts to be used according to their interest areas within the University. There are hundreds of funds within UM-Flint for education, research, scholarships, and program support.

Other fundraising efforts on campus focus on external charities. For example, UM-Flint participation in the United Way’s campaign supports community organizations and charities in the city and surrounding counties. These initiatives are not related to the annual Faculty and Staff Campaign.


When will faculty and staff be asked to make a gift?
While gifts from faculty and staff are welcome throughout the year, the Faculty and Staff Campaign will focus its efforts in 2015 from March-April. During that time, faculty and staff are asked to make a contribution to the campus. Faculty and staff gifts processed throughout the year will be included in the participation totals recognized for faculty and staff giving during the calendar year.


May I designate my gifts to a particular area of the University and how will it be used?
Yes! You may choose from hundreds of funds. These may be funds within your own unit or funds related to scholarships, the Mardigian Library, diversity programs, Early Childhood Development Center, or the Environmental Interpretive Center, to name a few.  You can designate your gift to any college, department, program, scholarship, or other initiative that you believe in at UM-Dearborn. To search for a fund, please visit the Faculty and Staff Campaign web site and look for the link to Account Codes.

Please note: You cannot make a charitable gift for your travel or sponsored activity or a fund that you control. This type of gift is not considered a charitable gift by the IRS because the contribution is for a private benefit. For example, contributions directed for the purchase of equipment, or furnishings for offices or laboratories of specified individuals; or for their travel or sponsored activities; or contributions to an account over which the transferor/donor has expenditure control do not qualify under IRS guidelines as a charitable gift. As a result, the University will not issue a gift receipt.

Conversely, when faculty members contribute to a department discretionary account over which they have no expenditure control (e.g., have no signing authority), their gifts are considered charitable gifts and the University can issue gift receipts.


How much of my gift will actually go to the fund(s) I select?
100 percent of your gift will go to the fund(s) you choose.


Is my gift confidential?
Each gift made by an employee is kept confidential. Individual employee gift amounts are not shared with your manager. Your participation will be shared through the Honor Roll on the Faculty and Staff Campaign website. Institutional Advancement staff will handle your giving information confidentially and with care.


Not everyone can afford to make a large contribution. What difference could a small gift make?
Each gift—no matter how big or how small—is important. Whatever the size, your gift shows that you believe in the fund you have chosen to support. There are many funds that receive a large number of “small” gifts.


Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. Contributions to any state university also qualify for a tax credit on your Michigan state tax return (up to $100 for single filers and up to $200 for joint filers).


How do I make my gift?
To make a one-time gift:
• Cash—Drop off in person in the Development and Alumni Relations Office on the 10th Floor of the Northbank Center. Please do not send cash through the mail, to ensure your gift is secure.
• Check—Make payable to the University of Michigan-Flint.
• Credit card—Include card number on your gift form or make your gift online now.
• Payroll deduction—Sign up today by making your gift online and choosing the payroll deduction option, or include deduction information on your gift form.


How can I find out what I gave to last year?
Contact the office of Development and Alumni Relations


What do I do if I want to search for funds but am not ready to make a gift?
Visit the Faculty and Staff Campaign giving site and click on Account Codes. Funds are listed by college and program areas.

Why aren’t funds from my area available on the Faculty and Staff Campaign web site?
Each year we increase the number of funds listed.



How can I designate a gift in honor of or in memory of an individual?
To designate a gift in honor of a living individual or in memory of a deceased individual, faculty and staff should include a note with their completed gift forms that list the following (as applicable):

1) the name of the individual being honored and his or her mailing address. A card will be sent to let the individual know a gift was made in his or her honor.
2) The name of the individual being memorialized, and the name and mailing address of the family member who should be notified of the gift. Please also note the relationship of the family member to the deceased.