Faculty/Staff Scholarship

On November 10, 1976, Mathematics Professor William V. Caldwell, wrote to English Professor and Dean Wes Rae, inquiring about establishing a fund at the University of Michigan-Flint “to attract and retain more superior students.”  This conversation resulted in the creation of the Faculty and Staff Scholarship.

Over its 40 year history, the Faculty & Staff Scholarship contributions for exceptional students were awarded by the Student Concerns Committee (SCC) in their entirety.  This year, supported by two initial exceptional gifts, totaling $7,200, from a retiring faculty member and a current faculty member, the SCC in conjunction with the Office of Development, is seeking to establish an endowment from which awards will be made from the annual interest income of the endowment.  Our first year goal is to collect contributions from current and retired faculty and staff to match these two gifts, and exceed the $10,000 minimum required for an endowment, and then to gradually increase this endowment in the years to come.

To meet this goal, we need your help.  Please consider making a gift to the Faculty and Staff Scholarship today.  Every gift, regardless of size, will bring us closer to fully endowing the scholarship and creating a lasting source of support for our students.

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Faculty/Staff Scholarship Requirements:

For full- or part-time, graduate or undergraduate students. A cumulative GPA of at least 3.5, sophomore or higher standing, and a minimum of 25 credit hours earned at the University of Michigan-Flint are required. Any faculty/staff member may nominate a student by writing a letter of recommendation. Awards are based on academic achievement, goals and character. 

Janet Haley

A Special Message from the Student Concerns Committee

As a member of the Student Concerns Committee, I have the pleasure of representing the Faculty/Staff Scholarship, a fund created over 40 years ago by our very own faculty and staff.  This scholarship, one of the longest standing scholarship funds on campus, serves a special purpose in supporting our scholars in any undergraduate or graduate degree program offered on campus.  And this support has never been more critical than right now. 

Almost 70% of our students demonstrate financial need and rely on the support of scholarships to pursue their education.  Scholarships provide our students with the resources they need to excel in the classroom, to stay on track for graduation, and most importantly, to prepare for a successful and fulfilling future.  Beyond the financial aspects, scholarships also provide our students with opportunities to become more engaged on campus and throughout our communities, creating a ripple effect of positive energy that is building a stronger society for us all.

The Student Concerns Committee recognizes that the Faculty/Staff Scholarship will always hold a special place in the heart of UM-Flint.  For that reason, we have decided to endow the fund so that it will exist in perpetuity and provide support to our students for generations to come.  We are on our way to meeting the $10,000 endowment minimum but we cannot do it without your help.  Please join with us in supporting the Faculty/Staff Scholarship on Giving Blueday.  Every gift, regardless of size, will bring us closer to our goal of creating a permanent resource for our students.  Thank you for your support and partnership in education.

Janet Haley, Associate Professor of Theatre

Mariana Barillas

"I am extremely grateful for the support I have received from the Faculty/Staff scholarship and would like to thank the generous donors who make this scholarship possible for students like me. This scholarship came at a critical time in my life, allowing me to continue my studies and community involvement with fewer financial restrictions. Instead of worrying about paying tuition, I was able to focus on the things I am most passionate about. With my new-found freedom, I accepted a position at the Michigan Times. This formative experience gave me the background and skills necessary to accept a paid internship this summer at a national news outlet in the Washington, DC area. Through writing for the student newspaper, I realized that my long-term interest in politics, philosophy, world events, and serving the public interest translates best into a journalism career."

Jill Brown

"My name is Jill Brown.  I recently completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree at UM-Flint and am now pursuing a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) concentrating in Psychiatry.  I am deeply appreciative for the Faculty/Staff Scholarship in helping me make this transition to a doctoral program.  The support has helped me pay for graduate tuition while keeping my student loan debt down. I am also grateful for the opportunity to attend classes at the University of Michigan-Flint and feel that I am getting a wonderful education.  My classes are interesting as well as informative and have played a huge role in my personal growth.  I have also received an incredible amount of encouragement from faculty and staff.  This encouragement is helping me perform well in my program and is preparing me to serve my field and my patients with the best possible care.  I thank you, faculty and staff, for all that you do for students at the Flint campus!”