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Please indicate your relationship to the university.
University Information
Examples include: Mathematics, School of Management, Womens Educational Center, Student Communication Association, etc.
Project Information
Please list the dollar amount or range of the amount you would like to request.

Please include a description or the project, program or event.
Please include the tentative date or duration of the project, program or event.
Sponsored Program -Requires a performance period, itemized budget and reporting. -There are a specific set of activities and outcomes agreed upon. -May be classified as instructional, civic engagement or other. Gift -Money given from a corporation or foundation with no return expectations (can be restricted to a particular purpose). -Projects have no start or end date. Sponsorship -Money given in return for marketing value. Contract -Negotiated agreements between the university and an outside party which contain a statement of work and are legally binding.

This section applies to sponsorships only.
Examples include: signage, name and logo on all marketing materials, name and logo on t-shirts, etc.

Budget Information

Please list all internal and external partners that will be involved.

Proposed Funder Information
The corporation or foundation you wish to approach for funding.

Please list the contact name any person(s) you have been in contact with at the proposed funder.
Please list if the person is a manager, director, program coordinator, volunteer, etc.
Please list the address or approximate location of the proposed funder.
Please list the phone number of the proposed funder or of the contact person affiliated with the corporation/foundation.
Please list the email address of the primary contact person if known.

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