Maize Money is a declining balance account on your M-Card.  Money can be added to your Maize Money account and your M-Card can be used like a debit card for purchases at various vendors on UM-Flint's campus. 

Maize Money is accepted at all on campus dining locations and at the bookstore.  Students living on campus can use Maize Money in laundry facilities and select vending machines located in residential housing.

  • UM-Flint Students
  • Genesee Early College Students
  • DEEP Students
  • UM-Flint Faculty
  • UM-Flint Staff

Having a special guest or group coming to campus and want them to be able to use Maize Money?  Contact us for details!

  • Complete form online (link below)

Maize Money can be purchased any time during the year and in any amount (minimum purchase of $25).  

Maize Money can be paid for by cash, check, or credit card in 121 UCEN.  Students may be eligible to apply the cost to their student account.  Student accounts are paid at the office of Cashiers/Student Accounts (2nd floor UPAV).  Payment deadlines and policies follow tuition schedule.  Unpaid amounts are subject to late fees.

Maize Money will be activated within 48 business hours of payment.


Maize Money purchased between July 1 and December 31, will expire December 31.
Maize Money purchased between January 1 and June 30, will expire June 30.


Maize Money is non-refundable.  Maize Money is non-transferable.



  Location Dining Dollars Maize Money
Barnes & Noble UPAV - 1st Floor   X
Cafe Blue UCEN - 1st Floor X X
Picasso @ UCEN UCEN - 3rd Floor X X
Smoke, Rattle & Roll UPAV - 1st Floor   X
O'Blendz UPAV - 1st Floor   X
Shawerma Bite UPAV - 1st Floor   X
Sportlite Grill UPAV - 1st Floor   X
Subway UPAV - 1st Floor   X
Laundry First Street Hall   X
Vending FirstStreet Hall   X
Laundry Riverfront   X
Vending Riverfront   X
Blue Bistro by Picasso WSW - 1st Floor X X
Recreation Center Rec Center   X
Printing Services 121 UCEN   X
Locker Rental 121 UCEN   X


January - June Maize Money Contract

Please click here for the January 2020 - June 2020 Maize Money contract.

July - December Maize Money Contract

Please click here for the July 2020 - December 2020 Maize Money contract.