Our Mission

Our mission is to utilize our expertise in disability and higher education to deliver innovative and high quality services and classroom accommodations to students with disabilities. We will facilitate and advocate for reasonable accommodations allowing students equal access to programs, activities and services of the institution; cultivate opportunities for students to articulate their strengths; and advocate for necessary accommodations as well as identify and respond to the fluid nature of student needs and learning environments.

Our Vision

Our vision is an inclusive community that fosters the full participation and contribution of every member of the University of Michigan-Flint.

Our Goals

Evaluate eligibility for disability-related services and accommodations; determine reasonable accommodations and develop individualized plans; and provide advocacy, guidance and ongoing support to students with disabilities, including but not limited to adapted materials, testing accommodations, interpreting and captioning, note-taking and document conversion.

Consult and collaborate with university faculty, staff and administrators to provide technical assistance, advice and information on providing students with equal access to educational activities and opportunities. Consistently measure program effectiveness.