The Division of Student Affairs at the University of Michigan-Flint advances the holistic development of well-rounded students through sponsoring educationally-purposed activities, providing co-curricular engagement opportunities, and supporting a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus of students, scholars, and citizens.


Cultivating a community of collaboration and belonging by promoting and supporting the development of well-rounded leaders who positively impact their workplaces, communities, and society.


Community and Belonging: We work to build community and help every student at UM-Flint understand that they belong. Further, as a regional, comprehensive urban university, our inclusive community extends beyond the campus boundaries as we work to build community throughout the region.

Equity and Inclusion: We recognize the many diverse social identities represented on this campus, and in the pursuit of equity and inclusion, help bring awareness and affirmation of our varying identities and experiences, and work to remedy systematic oppression and exclusion as well as individual bias.

Engagement and Leadership: We acknowledge that engaged students and student leaders perform better in the classroom and are better prepared to become engaged citizens and leaders in their professions and communities upon graduation. Therefore, in supporting student success, we provide engagement and leadership opportunities that encourage holistic student development.

Health and Wellness: We support the well-being of students in its many dimensions, including physical, social, intellectual, and emotional. The numerous offices in the Division of Student Affairs aim to promote overall wellness and provide resources for students in these various areas. 

Co-Curricular and Integrative Learning: We promote opportunities for students to apply critical thinking skills and classroom knowledge to make connections across disciplines and in real-world situations. Through co-curricular and educationally-purposed activities, we prepare students for success both within and outside of the University.