Culture of Respect Collective

The University of Michigan-Flint is part of NASPA’s Culture of Respect, a national initiative that offers evidence-based best practices and utilizes existing programs and resources on campus to end sexual violence. UM-Flint is part of the Culture of Respect Collective’s fourth cohort of universities and colleges. The initiative provides a framework and best practices for universities to use their own programs and resources to prevent and reduce sexual violence.

The two-year initiative focuses on six pillars:

  • Survivor support
  • Multi tiered education
  • Clear policies
  • Ongoing self-assessment
  • Schoolwide mobilization
  • Public disclosure

Campus Leadership Team

A diverse group of representatives from across UM-Flint are leading the University’s Culture of Respect Initiative:

  • Gary Ashley, Office of Economic Development Program Manager
  • Thomas Bell, Director of the Center for Educator Prep
  • Heather Bromley, Executive Sargent of the Department of Public Safety
  • Nikolas Davis, Student Peer Educator
  • Sarah Devitt, Sexual Assault Advocate
  • Chris Giordano, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
  • Ray Hall, Director of the Department of Public Safety
  • Ken Heiser, Associate Director of Information Technology Services
  • Samara Hough, Center for Gender and Sexuality Director
  • Lindsay Knake, Communications Coordinator for the Division of Student Affairs
  • David Luke, Director of the Intercultural Center and Interim Chief Diversity Officer
  • Beth Manning, Director of Human Resources
  • Emily Newberry, Thompson Library Senior Associate Librarian
  • Shelby Newport, Assistant Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Kassi Perez, Student Peer Educator
  • Erica Sherman, College of Health Sciences Faculty
  • Julie Snyder, Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Carmen Stokes, Associate Professor of Nursing
  • Kirstie Stroble, Institutional Equity Specialist and Deputy Title IX Coordinator
  • Julia Stulock, Associate Director of Club Sports
  • Charlotte Tang, Associate Professor of Computer Science

Institutional Implementation Plan

A key component of the Culture of Respect initiative is the Institutional Implementation Plan. The plan is created after a period of self-assessment of campus strengths and opportunities as they relate to the six pillars.

The Institutional Implementation Plan is not meant to be a static document. As campus evolves – through the Culture of Respect process or external factors – the Campus Leadership Team will revisit the Institutional Implementation Plan and make modifications and adjustments throughout the two-year timeframe.

Get Involved

If you are interested in joining the Campus Leadership Team or learning more about UM-Flint’s Culture of Respect initiative, please email