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Selina Black, Communications Major, Music Minor

I am a full time student as well as a full time GM employee. My time as UM-Flint has been a very positive experience. Instructors have been flexible and understanding during times of uncertainty and much patience has been extended throughout the transition and conversion of classes online. I have created strong bonds and trustworthy friendships during my time as a student and I look forward to watching my fellow classmates succeed as they press onward in their academic careers.

Favorite Memory at UM-Flint: As an adult returned to school, it has been challenging to connect with people like I used to in my early 20's. However, I have formed unexpected friendships with a couple of fellow students that will remain intact even after graduation.

How do you plan to celebrate at home? I will begin a new job shortly after graduating. Although I don't know when the social distancing order will be lifted, I plan to celebrate by going to Black Rock with my family as soon as we are allowed. I will give a short speech to them expressing my gratitude and thanking them for all their encouragement during all my moments of frustration and tears, joys and accomplishments.