COVID-19 Event Planning for University Departments

Event spaces will primarily be used for academic-related activities, with classes being the highest priority.  In keeping with a public health informed approach to all campus activities, it is important that all meetings and/or events should have an online component and whenever possible these activities should be conducted virtually. In-person events should only meet as a matter of absolute necessity as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

Event & Building Services is working to schedule events where virtual options are not available and for events that are critical to the mission of the university. In order to use campus event spaces to fulfill this need, procedures for reserving campus event space have been established and are listed below.

New Requests

If you need to make a reservation request for an event that is critical to the mission of the university and virtual options are not available, please email EBS at  

Event Guidelines

  • All meetings and/or events should have an online component and when possible these activities should be conducted virtually.
  • Occupancy levels for indoor and outdoor events are set by current state and local guidelines for physical distancing. Check with EBS regarding current limits.
  • In order to ensure proper cleaning and disinfecting between events, there will be fewer events scheduled per day and limited to certain locations on campus. Rooms will be pre-set to meet the physical distancing requirements, see the room configuration and capacity of each reservable space below.
  • Any event ending after 5 p.m. or on a weekend will need to be booked at least one week in advance to ensure proper staffing and building access.
  • A list of safety precautions will be provided within event spaces. This will include the use of face coverings and physical distancing requirements, as well as, any other measures determined by the university. It is the group’s responsibility to ensure proper safety measures are being used during the course of an event. Groups will be responsible for supplying proper PPE, including face coverings and hand sanitizer, to maintain these measures. EBS will not have face coverings or gloves to give out to groups hosting meetings in EBS spaces.
  • Reservation requests will be accepted by email, no in-person reservations will be accepted.
  • Groups must maintain a roster of all participants in attendance with contact information. Rosters should be kept for a period of two months for contact tracing purposes.
  • Individuals feeling unwell, having a fever or experiencing any respiratory symptoms should not participate in the activity, or be on campus in general.  Organizers have the discretion, but strongly encouraged, to ask attendees with visible symptoms to please leave the event.

Reservable Campus Event Spaces


  • Select classrooms are available.  Classrooms are preset to meet physical distancing requirements.  Furniture may not be moved in these spaces. 

Northbank Center

  • Carriage Room – preset for 8 classroom style with a/v that requires a laptop
  • Park Place – preset for 10 classroom style with smart cart, registration table
  • Boardwalk – preset for 5 conference square, no a/v
  • Ballroom – preset for 36 with 1 person at 6’ round, a/v from ITS, sound system with one microphone

Riverfront Conference Center

  • Conference Center – custom setups will be accommodated when possible
    • Expo
    • Suites
  • Boardrooms

Outdoor Spaces

  • Must include rain date, not rain location, as indoor space is limited
  • Plans must include access to restrooms and accessibility
  • Physical distancing guidelines must continue to be followed for outdoor events and face coverings are required.
  • Hosting organizations are responsible for ensuring that face coverings and physical distancing and other guidelines are followed.

William S. White Building

  • Tuscola Room – preset for 9 classroom style with smart cart, registration table

Due to cleaning, maintenance, construction and physical distancing requirements, all other event spaces, including some classrooms, are not available for events at this time.

Diagrams for indoor spaces are available upon request from Event & Building Services as you begin the planning process.


Picasso Restaurant Group will continue to serve the campus as the exclusive caterer. Buffet set-ups will be prohibited, and meals will be placed on tables in advance of an event. Catering options will be limited to single serve meals, such as individually boxed meals. Whenever possible, linens are recommended for use at events. During the distribution of meals, physical distancing guidelines should be followed by the event host. Hand sanitizer will be provided at catered events by Picasso.

Bar Service

Bar Service will not be offered during the initial reopening stages of the campus.

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