Research in the Department of Economics

Economics faculty at UM-Flint are active researchers who publish research and provide their expertise on a wide number of topics. See some recent activity from our expert faculty below! 

Economics Research and News

Christopher Douglas on Restaurant Smoking Bans

In this paper, published in The Journal of Economics, Dr. Douglas explores the impact of smoking bans on bar and restaurant sales values. The study finds that the value of restaurants decreased following the smoking ban, while the value of bars increased.

Tevfik Nas on Cost Benefit Analysis

Dr. Nas' book, Cost-Benefit Analysis: Theory and Application, is written for non-economists to explore CBA in domains such as public administration, urban studies and health care. The reader is taken through the steps of a typical evaluation process, including the identification, measurement, and comparison of costs and benefits, and project selection.

CNN Business: The GM workers' strike probably isn't worth it

Dr. Douglas contributed this piece to CNN Business, discussing the outcomes from the GM workers' strike in October 2019. Douglas explores the comparative winners and losers from the strike.