A unique online master's program

The Master of Arts in Educational Technology program is designed for individuals who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in the use of technology as it relates to education, and it prepares teachers for the Michigan Educational Technology endorsement. The program focuses on the design and enactment of innovative programs and activities within learning environments, while providing opportunities for students to create individualized projects and build a network with other creative educators. It is designed for current and future education professionals of all types, including teachers, instructional  technologists, educational administrators, instructional designers in companies and non-profit organizations, and others who seek relevant, practical grounding in tools and concepts related to the use of technology in educational settings. Teaching certification is not required, nor do students need to enter the program with an extensive technical background.

The program has two tracks: (1) “Developer,” for those who want to learn how to design innovative learning environments and activities, using existing and/or custom-built web software, media, mobile apps and other technological tools, with a focus on practical uses in classrooms and other learning contexts; and (2) “Curriculum & Instruction,” for those who want to focus on meaningful use of technology but do not wish to spend as much time designing software or educational media. Both tracks emphasize the design and implementation of meaningful learning experiences, and are relevant to a wide range of learner ages and subject areas, both within and outside of K-12 schools.

Teachers with a current Michigan teaching certificate (any level or subject) can become eligible for a Teaching with Technology ("NP") certificate endorsement, by completing seven designated courses within the degree program (see program requirements).  It is not necessary to complete the degree program to earn the endorsement.