Early Childhood Educators Needed

A proud graduate of UM-Flint's Early Childhood Development Center

UM-Flint has been a leading force in Early Childhood Education in the state of Michigan long before the Flint water crisis. Seen now as a part of the holistic response needed to combat the effects of the crisis, our Education Department has partnered with Flint Community Schools to increase access to early education for families throughout our community.

While recent events have accelerated innovation and growth of early education at the University of Michigan-Flint, the expertise and reputation of our faculty and programs are the foundation that make these bold and vital educational opportunities possible.

These educational opportunities are not just for the children in our community, UM-Flint students benefit from being at the leading edge of early childhood education. The growth of early education programs worldwide is an exciting development in the development of young minds. That growth also comes with expanded career opportunities, as the need for early childhood educators is expected to grow (potentially greatly) as communities, states, and countries continue to make larger investments in our children and our future.

UM-Flint’s Early Childhood Opportunities

A UM-Flint early childhood student working with a child

From minor to master’s, the Education Department at the University of Michigan-Flint offers an array of opportunities within the expanding field of early childhood education.

Beyond teaching, if you are planning to work in family law, social work, criminal justice, nursing, medical studies, physical therapy, psychology, urban planning, architecture, theater or music, or if you are or may become a parent, these programs will provide you with knowledge, experience and understanding of young children, and their families and communities that you will need to serve in any of these professional or personal capacities.

Young girl with magnifying glass at early childhood center

Early Childhood Studies Major

Graduates of our Bachelor of Science program will possess specific understanding of early childhood professional ethics and practice to support child development and learning, including: creativity, reflection, critical thinking and problem solving, and emotional and social development.

Playtime at UM-Flint's Early Childhood Development Center

Early Childhood Studies Minor

The Minor in Early Childhood Studies provides interested individuals a basic introduction to the early childhood, child development, and young children. This program is designed for students in any major program who have an interest in early childhood or in working with young children and their families. 

Reading a book at the Early Childhood Development Center

Early Childhood Education Specialization

The specialization in Early Childhood is available to students completing the UM-Flint Elementary Education Program who seek Michigan elementary education certification with an early childhood specialization.

ECDC graduates

Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education

UM-Flint’s Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education is designed for early childhood education professionals who seek graduate study in their field, or for those pursuing a career in early childhood education—including individuals with extensive backgrounds in child development who do not hold an elementary teaching certificate.

ECDC students learning to count

Mathematics Education (MA) for Elementary and Early Childhood

UM-Flint’s expertise in math education and early childhood development has resulted in the creation of a new master’s program featuring a comprehensive curriculum, small cohorts, fulfilling career paths, and flexible course schedules.