In the Elementary Education program at UM-Flint, students have the chance to work with faculty and lecturers who are experienced educators and active in research in elementary and early childhood education. Our program has three phases, which you can begin from your first year with UM-Flint.

In Phase 1, students take general education courses in a variety of disciplines, such as math, English, science, history, early childhood, and education. These courses are offered as traditional on-campus courses, or as fully online or mixed-mode courses. Students apply to the program when they have completed Phase 1.

Once admitted to the program in Phase 2, students take their professional education courses in language arts, math, science, and social studies. In this phase, students spend more time in elementary classrooms. Many courses include work with elementary students for course assignments and participation, and there are two field experience courses attached to the language arts methods courses. In these field-based courses, UM-Flint students work with classroom teachers in the Flint area to get experience planning and delivering instruction to elementary students.

In addition to more professional courses, Phase 3 of the program includes extensive internships in elementary classrooms. Students prepare for their student teaching experience with a semester-long internship, then end Phase 3 with another semester of student teaching at an elementary school. Students in the elementary education program have two minors: language arts and mathematics. Coursework in these minors, as well as passing the certification tests, can lead to additional endorsements for teaching language arts and math through 8th grade.

Early Childhood Specialization & Minor

Students also have the option to specialize in early childhood education, which prepares students for an early childhood endorsement—an endorsement that many school districts look for when hiring PreK-2nd grade teachers. A non-certification Early Childhood Studies minor will begin in Fall 2014.

Early Childhood

Specialization in Early Childhood with Endorsement (ZS)

This 31 credit hour program is a Concentration in the Elementary Education Certification Program. It is designed for Elementary Education majors who are interested in developing a specialization and expertise in early childhood education. Upon the completion of the 31 credit hour coursework, including a 120 hour practicum in early childhood, students who pass the MTTC subject test are eligible to receive the MI State Early Childhood Endorsement (ZS) on their elementary teaching certificate.

Early Childhood Studies Minor (Starting Fall 2014)

The Early Childhood Studies Minor provides interested individuals with a basic introduction to early childhood and to working with young children and their families. This program is designed for students following majors other than Elementary Education who are not seeking teacher certification, or Elementary Education majors, who have an interest in early childhood and are not pursuing the Early Childhood Specialist Endorsement (ZS).


Admission to the program 

  • Applications accepted September 1-15 for winter semester admission to SEHS elementary program

  • Applications accepted January 1-21 for fall semester admission to SEHS elementary program. 

Student Teaching Applications/Student Teacher Meetings

  • Fall 2014 Student Teaching: Applications accepted January 1-21, 2014
  • Winter 2015 Student Teaching: Applications accepted April 7-21, 2014

Basic Skills and Subject Area Testing through MTTC


  • Fall Semester: April, Winter Semester: November

Drop/Add deadlines

  • Dates vary. See formal Academic Calendar.

Applying for audit/graduation

  • For May Graduation: December
  • For December Graduation: August


Elementary Education Program Requirements

Early Childhood Specialization

Early Childhood Studies minor (non-certification): Coming Fall 2014