Applying to the Education Program

The Center for Educator Preparation welcomes you to apply for the Education Program at UM-Flint and we're here to help if you have any questions. Check this page to access the online undergraduate application, including instructions and admission requirements. 

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SAT Unit Policy

Secondary and Elementary Students

Effective October 1st, candidates in the Elementary Education or Secondary TCP programs must have a recorded attempt but DO NOT NEED TO ACHIEVE A PARICULAR SCORE on the SAT to move through the program.  We ask that all candidates make their best attempt, however there is no longer a requirement to achieve a 480 in Reading/Writing and 530 in Mathematics. See below for further details.

Elementary candidates applying for admission to program and Secondary TCP candidates applying for Phase II must take the SAT and submit SAT scores to the University of Michigan-Flint.  If the SAT has already been submitted to the University, there is no need to take the test again.  If you took the SAT but did not submit the scores to the University, please contact, to discuss how to submit scores.  If you have not taken the SAT we encourage you do so at some point during Phase 1 (Secondary TCP) or pre admission to the Elementary program, but we must have scores on file before you are eligible to move to the next part of your program.


To register for the SAT or to get general information, please visit College Board at

Do you need help registering for the SAT? Click here to follow these easy SAT Registration instructions.