Student Teacher Information

All teacher candidates recommended for certification are required to student teach. The Center for Educator Preparation is committed to working with you to successfully complete your student teaching experience. The student teacher orientation gives you an opportunity to meet other teacher candidates, mentor teachers, faculty, and staff!

To access the Student Teaching Orientation presentation, click here.

The Student Teaching Orientation for Fall 2018 will be on Thursday, August 16, 2018. To RSVP for student teacher orientation, please contact Maria Salinas at

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UM-Flint Student Teaching Resources

Congratulations on reaching this milestone in your professional development! Below are links to a variety of resouces that may be helpful to you. Contact the CEP Director or your academic advisor with any questions about UM-Flint student teaching requirements.

Click the links to access the following student teaching resources

Student Teaching Handbook

The Danielson - Framework Form for Teaching Evaluation

Self-Disclosure Form: Misdemeanor/Felony Charges and Conviction

30 Best Tips for Student Teachers

Mentor Teacher Resources

The Center for Educator Preparation would like to thank you for supporting our teacher candidates. We appreciate your enthusiasm to work with us to prepare the next generation of quality educators. In an effort to assist you, we have provided the following resources:

Mentor Teacher Orientation

The Danielson - Framework Form for Teaching Evaluation

Stages of Concern for Teacher Candidates

Nine Tips to Support Student Teachers

**Mentor (Cooperating) Teachers are responsible for providing electronic or paper copies of disposition assessments, mid-term evaluations, and final evaluations for your meetings with university supervisors. Please use the first page of the Danielson-Student Teaching Evaluation document for your mid-term and final evaluations. Mentors DO NOT NEED to submit any data into Tk20.

University Supervisor Resources

The Center for Educator Preparation would like to also thank you for all that you do! Just as a friendly reminder, the teacher candidate, mentor teacher, and university supervisor completes the midterm and final evaluation independently. All three meet to facilitate and discuss a collective score using the framework. Only the university supervisor enters the agreed upon scores into Tk20. Please find these resources below:

The Danielson - Framework Form for Teaching Evaluation

Student Teaching Handbook

Tk20 Support