Teacher Certification

Teachers and students can find detailed information on this page about the process and requirements for earning their Standard Teaching Certificate or their Professional Teaching Certificate, as well as how to take a Post-Baccalaureate route to earning a teaching certificate.

Additional questions regarding certification should be directed to Debbie Seyerle, Certification Officer, UM-Flint School of Education & Human Services, Center for Educator Preparation, 410 French Hall, Flint, MI 48502. Email: dseyerle@umich.edu. Phone: 810-766-6825. Fax: 810-762-3102

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Alternative Route to a Secondary Teaching Certificate

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree from any accredited university and are now interested in attaining a secondary teaching certificate and a master’s degree can do so through UM-Flint’s Master of Arts in Education with Secondary Certification (MAC).  The MAC program is an alternate route to certification provider as authorized by the Michigan Department of Education.

Go to the MAC program for program and application information.

Standard Teaching Certificate

Making sure that you have completed all your degree and certification requirements is your responsibility. Review and keep the following checklist in a safe place for future reference.

Checklist & Instructions for the Recommendation of your Standard Teaching Certificate 

Progressing to Professional Teaching Certificate

The initial Standard Teaching Certificate is valid for 5 years.  To progress to the next level certificate – the Professional Teaching Certificate – candidates must:

  1. Successfully teach for three years under the validity of their Standard certificate.
  2. Complete one of the following:  (a) Six (6) semester credit hours in a planned program at an approved teacher preparation institution OR (b) 180 clock hours of state continuing education in approved professional development activities appropriate to the grade level and content endorsement(s) of the certificate OR (c) Annual district provided professional development programs that are appropriate to the grade level and content endorsement(s) of the certificate OR (d) A combination of semester credit hours, state continuing education hours, or district provided annual professional development.  See Michigan Department of Education website for details regarding the above.
  3. Satisfactory completion of 3 semester credit hours in an approved course of study in the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction (including field experience) per PA451.  The University of Michigan-Flint courses which are approved by the State of Michigan to fulfill this requirement are: 
  • EDR-540, Assessment-Based Literacy Instruction in Elementary Classrooms
  • EDR-541, Assessment-Based Literacy Instruction in Secondary Classrooms
  • EDR 645, Literacy Instruction for Students Identified with Special Needs (for teachers admitted to our special education or literacy graduate programs)



    Post-Baccalaureate Route to a Teaching Certificate

    Students who have already earned a bachelor's degree from any accredited university and are now interested in attaining a teaching certificate can come back to the University of Michigan-Flint as a "Non-Candidate for Degree" (NCFD) student.

    NCFD Admission Process:

    1. Contact UM-Flint Certification Officer Debbie Seyerle at 810-766-6825 regarding necessary documents and course requirements.

    2. Submit a completed UM-Flint application for admission.

    3. Submit a copy of your proof of degree (diploma) or transcripts which list the degree awarded. 

    Eligibility for Financial Aid:

    Please note: Non-Candidate for Degree (NCFD) students are not  eligible to receive financial aid.