What Is Tk20?

Tk20 is a comprehensive assessment, planning, and reporting system designed for collecting and managing academic and non-academic departmental assessment activities to create a culture of evidence throughout the campus. In the Center for Educator Preparation, Tk20 is used for teacher candidate and education program assessment.
For questions regarding Tk20, reports, and data analysis, please contact Sade' Wilson at sdwilso@umflint.edu.

Log In

University of Michigan - Flint faculty, university supervisors and unit administrators may log into Tk20 using your UMICH username and password at follow the link:


**Cooperating (Mentor) Teachers DO NOT NEED to submit any data into Tk20, but are responsible for providing an electronic or paper copy of the disposition assessments, mid-term evaluations, and final evaluations to the University Supervisor.

Tk20 Resources

Professional Dispositions, The Unit Plan, and Course Binder Assessment Data Entry

University Supervisor Data Entry

How to Run Reports

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Tk20

Visit the Tk20 Helpdesk for additional Quick Guides, Videos, and a Frequently Asked Questions here.


**For more information about TK20, Visit the Office of Extended Learning here: https://www.umflint.edu/oel/tk20