Storm Water Management is Our Shared Responsibility...

UM-Flint is fortunate to be located adjacent to the Flint River in Downtown Flint in the Flint River Watershed. The community is home to many individuals, businesses, community organizations, schools/colleges/universities, and governmental agencies that recognize the Flint River as one of the great assets of our community and are committed to protecting and improving this resource for all to enjoy. Historically, the post-industrial environmental conditions resulting from the extensive industrial activity over the last hundred years present an ongoing challenge to our community and overall watershed management. These historical industrial activities included lumber, carriage & auto manufacturing and repair, energy generation, and others. Although presented with challenges to the protection and improvement of water quality in our watershed, many committed and longstanding partnerships have developed and work in collaboration to revitalize, restore and enhance our community's recognized greatest natural resource, the Flint River. 

UM-Flint is only one of many committed organizations in Flint working to protect the Flint River (through the combined efforts of EHS, University Outreach, Facilities & Operations, Event & Building Services, Flint River Corridor Alliance, Flint River Watershed Coalition, Student organizations, and many others...) they have improved the quality and aesthetics of the Flint River. The University's implementation of the UM Storm Water Management Program; the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure Plan; Contractor & Construction Safety requirements; River Restoration and Clean-Up initiatives and general involvement are just some of the efforts underway to protect the Flint River. 


Courtesy of Cameron Manche: UM-Flint

Improving the protection and management of storm water, helps ensure that surface water quality is improved and maintained. That means cleaner water for all of us and our children to fish, swim, kayak, canoe and generally enjoy. We all can work together toward this important vision and protect one of our communities' greatest shared assets... the Flint River.