Get Involved!

  • Educate yourself about local storm water and environmental issues.
  • Encourage others to help protect our rivers and lakes... let them know how important is.
  • Become familiar with the Flint River, walk and or bike the trail, join in on the River clean up, learn about the following easy things that each of us can do to protect the river, improve water quality and further enhance this wonderful natural resource of ours.    
  • Look for ways to protect surface water. Be observant, engaged, and participate in environmental stewardship.

Remember... Only Rain In The Drain!

  • UM-Flint is located in the Flint River Watershed.
  • Storm drains lead directly to our streams, rivers, and lakes.
  • All storm drains on the UM-Flint Campus flow directly to the Flint River.
  • Only rainwater should enter storm drains... No pollutants.
  • Litter, leaves, grass clippings, oil, chemicals, food, and pet waste must be disposed of properly
  • Care for our rivers and lakes by protecting storm drains from pollutants.
  • Report spills immediately to Public Safety, 762-3333 or Environment, Health, & Safety 766-6763                                          

Your choices Today make a difference Tomorrow!

  1. Do not litter.
  2. Wash your car at a carwash or in a grassy area to avoid soap discharge to drains.
  3.  Clean up your pet's waste.
  4. Store your chemicals such as paint, oil, solvents, cleaners in original labeled containers & in a secure, protected area away from drains.
  5. Connect household plumbing only to the sanitary sewer.
  6. Check vehicles regularly and immediately repair any leaks.
  7. Choose earth friendly landscaping such as rain gardens and native plants; fertilize sparingly and carefully.
  8. Dispose of oils, chemicals, and other toxic materials safely.
  9. Remove litter & debris around drains; dispose of in trash.
  10. Get involved... Volunteer. Help clean up along the Flint River and your neighborhood.


Courtesy of University Outreach

Courtesy of Flint River Watershed Coalition - Thread Lake Tire Clean Up.

Protect Storm Drains!

-We all need to do our part to ensure contaminents to do not enter storm drains.

- Contact EHS or the Flint River Watershed Council to volunteer to mark storm drains or participate in river clean ups