Emergency Alert Sign-Up

Students, faculty, and staff at the University of Michigan-Flint can register to receive voice and text messages during major emergencies on campus. With the UM-Flint Emergency Alert system, messages may be sent via email as well as voice or text messages to devices including cell phones and smartphones.

Student Sign-Up

Faculty/Staff Sign-Up

Individuals can register two telephone or cell phone numbers and a device to receive text messages for increased notification. 

The notification system will generally only be used when it is believed that a life threatening event is about to happen, is currently happening, or has a high potential of happening.

Examples of when the system may be activated include an active shooter and/or hostage situation, a tornado is predicted to strike, or a major hazardous material/chemical spill has occurred on or near campus. Messages sent via the notification system will provide directions to recipients as to what recommended action they should take.

Since significant size restrictions apply to text messages, additional information during critical incidents will be posted on the UM-Flint website. The university will also add information to the official UM-Flint Facebook Page and Twitter account (@umflint). Staff will also make announcements using the campus public address system.

While the university will not pass along any fees to use the service, message recipients may be charged for calls or messages by their service provider, depending on their individual phone plans.