Emergency Alert System FAQs

How does UM-Flint Emergency Alert work?

When the Department of Public Safety (DPS) determines there is an active emergency in which the public safety of the campus may be at risk, DPS or University Communications & Marketing (UCOM) will initiate an urgent notification through the UM-Flint Emergency Alert System.

In order to receive these urgent notification alert messages, faculty, staff and students may register up to three communication devices, such as text message devices, cell phones or other phone. Registration is available on Wolverine Access for University of Michigan-Flint faculty and staff or through the Student Information System for University of Michigan-Flint students.

Additionally, the university automatically registers all faculty, staff and student UM-Flint email addresses.

Why does UM-Flint provide this service?

UM-Flint Emergency Alert is part of the array of communication methods the Department of Safety and University Communications & Marketing use during campus emergencies, such as our campus wide Public Address System, building emergency alarms, social networks, regular campus emails and local news media outlets.

When will UM-Flint Emergency Alert be used?

The new notification system will generally only be used when it is believed that a life threatening event is about to happen, is currently happening, or has a high potential to happen in the near future. Examples of when the system may be activated include an active shooter and/or hostage situation, a tornado is predicted to strike, or a major hazardous material/chemical spill has occurred, on or near campus. Messages sent via the new notification system will provide directions to recipients as to what recommended action they should take.

In addition, if the campus is closed due to inclement weather such as a snowstorm, or if there is a major power outage on campus that disrupts classes, the notification system will be used to alert the campus community.

Will the university be testing the UM-Flint Emergency Alert system?

The university tests the system on a regular basis, at least once per semester. If the message is a test of the system, it will be delivered with the subject line: “TEST: UM-Flint Emergency Alert.” Any message that does not include the word “TEST” is an urgent message.

Once an alert has been sent, will we receive a second “all clear” message?

In many instances, a second message with updated information or an “all clear” will be sent.

What should I do when I get an alert?

The message should tell you what action to take for the situation occurring at that time. Do not call 911 to ask for more information. Consult the UM-Flint Campus Emergency Response Plan (ERP), the Emergency Guidelines posters located throughout the campus, and any additional departmental or laboratory emergency plans. Information about the specific incident will also be available on the University of Michigan-Flint website at www.umflint.edu.

How will I know the alert is legitimate?

The alerts will indicate they are a UM-Flint Emergency Alert.

What devices/numbers should I register?

You should register the telephone numbers that most frequently reach you, such as a mobile or cell phone, or other telephone. You should not list your department receptionist.

It is important to know that the university phone system can handle approximately 35 incoming phone calls at one time. That means that if a large number of UM-Flint faculty and staff list their direct office telephone, it may impact the speed in which you get the message in an emergency.

Is there a charge for subscribing to the UM-Flint Emergency Alert system?

The University of Michigan-Flint will not charge a fee for this service. However, by registering, users are responsible for charges made by mobile service providers related to text messages and mobile phone calls—for both actual and test messages. We expect to test the UM-Flint Emergency Alert system at least once a semester.

Will my contact information be shared with anyone?

The contact data you enter will be provided to the third party vendor the university has employed for the purpose of making the urgent notifications. No identifying information (such as your name, etc.) will be provided to the third party vendor. The third party vendor has agreed that they have no right to use your contact information for any purpose other than notifying you via UM-Flint Emergency Alert. They do not have the rights to sell, disclose or trade your contact information. The only messages you will ever receive will be a test or actual urgent notification of an emergency.

If my email address is already automatically loaded into the system, should I register additional devices on Wolverine Access?

Registering additional phone devices increases your notification options. Text messaging is fast and efficient and lessens dependence on receiving emails during an emergency situation.

What happens if I don’t register any telephone numbers?

When an urgent notification is activated, you will receive the alert via UM-Flint email account.

What is the difference between my Personal Emergency Contact information and UM-Flint Emergency Alert information?

Your Personal Emergency Contact information (also loaded in Wolverine Access) is used by University officials and campus police for the purpose of notifying an individual’s designated contact(s) of medical emergencies, death, missing person(s), or other emergency situations. The UM-Flint Emergency Alert contact information is the list of one to three communications devices you register to receive the university’s mass notification of an urgent campus emergency.

If I leave campus for the summer or for an extended sabbatical, how do I make sure I do not receive the telephone messages?

Before leaving campus, you should edit your registration on Wolverine Access or in Student Information System by deleting the telephone numbers in the UM-Flint Emergency Alert section. Just remember to re-register when you return to campus.

What if my telephone numbers change?

You can edit the telephone numbers to which alerts are sent by signing onto Wolverine Access or the Student Information System and editing your listing under UM-Flint Emergency Alert.

Will I get messages to every number I list in Wolverine Access or the Student Information System?

Yes, the system will send a voice and text messages to the devices you register, as well as an email message to your UM-Flint email address.