American Society of Mechanical Engineers
University of Michigan - Flint | Student Chapter

ASME is an international, non-profit, professional engineering organization that enables collaboration, knowledge sharing and skill development across all engineering disciplines while promoting the vital role of the engineer in society. As a Chapter, we represent the organization at the University of Michigan-Flint. We are a student-run organization that meets weekly throughout the academic year, in the UM-Flint Engineering Annex, housed in the Harrison Street parking ramp.

In the past two years, we worked through the engineering processed to create and design our own 3D printing machine and a hovercraft – this year we’ve completed a drone! We follow the ASME IAM3D competition and participate each year. This takes place at ASME’s E-Fest. This year’s event is at Michigan State University, from April 3rd-5th.

As a chapter with a shorter length of establishment with the University, the funding we receive does not always cover the needed purchases equipment and merchandise. This prevents our team from reaching its fullest potential. That’s why we are reaching out to you!


How Does Your Donation Help the UM-Flint ASME Student Chapter? 

With your help, we can create the mechanisms we desire, be able to take our education and team skills to the next level, bettering us for our careers as future engineers.

  • Help us reach our goal of raising enough money for our registration fees and travel to competition at ASME's E-Fest!
  • Give us more choices on what parts we can utilize on our vehicle for technical advancement
  • Allow us to obtain parts sooner in the season to get ahead on our assembly
  • Market our team to students and engineers at the University to gain more members to grow the team!
  • Contribute to the experiential learning process of collaborating with outside companies



Thank You to Our Esteemed Donors for Their Generosity!