Engineering Research

Our faculty are active researchers and motivated students can often find opportunities to collaborate with their professors on original research. 


UROP allows undergraduate students to earn stipends of up to $500 per funding cycle while completing research with their faculty. 

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Similar to UROP, SURE provides an outlet for undergraduate students to take part in hands-on research with their professors while earning a stipend over the spring & summer semesters. 

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Engineering Research

Mihai Burzo on detecting stress through thermal imaging

Dr. Mihai Burzo, along with researchers from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, developed an artificial intelligence system to detect acute stress in human subjects via thermal imaging. Read more about his work

Introduction to Engineering: An Assessment and Problem Solving Approach

Professor of Mechanical Engineering Quamrul Mazumder authored the textbook Introduction to Engineering: An Assessment and Problem Solving Approach. Published by Routledge the book begins with an overview of the assessment theory, presents examples of real-world applications, and includes key assessment resources throughout.

Linda Zhu on active learning

Dr. Na (Linda) Zhu published a paper in the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education that explores more effective teaching methods in courses that deal with noise and vibration. Since this content relies heavily on differential equations and linear algebra, students can often struggle to apply the math to solving issues with noise and vibration. This paper explains a more effective method of introducing students to these concepts.