Dr. Consuela Provost (Sybil Kein)

Professor Emerita

Dr. Consuela Provost (Sybil Kein) joined the faculty of the University of Michigan-Flint in 1972 as assistant professor of English and Theatre.  She received her B.S. degree in music from Xavier University in 1958, her M.A. in Theatre Arts and Communication from Louisiana State University in 1972, and her D.A. from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1975 with a comparative study of American ethnic literatures.  She was promoted to associate professor in 1979 and to professor in 1988.

Creative and Scholarly Activity

A multitalented dramatist, musician, poet, teacher and scholar of Louisiana Creole art and culture, Dr. Kein largely created the field of Creole Studies through her early publications and presentations.  Her activities would make at least three careers.

She was the author of nine produced plays (including a "Historical Revue with Music" covering the history of Flint) and explored the uses of drama to teach basic subjects in the public schools. She developed a number of courses in Theatre and English, including Theatre's playwriting workshop as well as the surveys and more advanced courses covering African-American and Ethnic American Literatures that continue as staples in the English curriculum.

She won a Hopwood Award for one of her several published collections of poetry that drew on her Louisiana Creole roots.  She also was a researcher, collecting and documenting the Creole folksongs that also formed the subject matter of one of her most recent albums.  An outstanding and inspirational teacher, she introduced many Flint students to cultures beyond their own at the same time that she lectured internationally on the subject of Louisiana Creole culture and continued her performance career.

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