Mr. Danny Rendleman

Mr. Rendelman, M.F.A., Lecturer in English on the Flint faculty, retired from active faculty status on April 30, 2005. 

Mr. Rendleman received his B.G.S. (1974) from the University of Michigan – Flint and his M.F.A. from Goddard College (1978).  He began his employment at UM-Flint in 1975 as an instructional associate supervising the University’s Writing and Reading Labs and a part-time instructor in the English Department.  He held the supervisor post until 1986, when he became a full-time lecturer in English, the post he held until his retirement.

For twenty years Mr. Rendleman taught composition and creative writing to roughly 200 students a year, receiving consistently high student and departmental evaluations for his excellent work.  A widely published poet, he was especially important to the University as a teacher of creative writing.  His six books of poetry (and over 300 poems published in periodicals), his involvement in bringing creative writers to campus, and his work for a variety of poetry journals (Artifact, Brix) gave strength to creative writing offerings.  He guided several students to coveted Hopwood Awards in writing from the Ann Arbor campus and worked for many years as advisor to the UM-Flint student literary magazine Kwasind.  Mr. Rendleman was also visible in a number of community projects over the years.  He was a participant in the Poetry Arts Project sponsored by the Michigan Council for the Arts and Humanities, he judged numerous poetry competitions, and he served on the boards of Flint’s Buckham Alley Theatre, the Buckham Gallery, the Genesee Literary Foundation, and the Friends of Modern Art at the Flint Institute of Arts.

Mr. Rendleman’s honors include his winning work in two P.E.N. short fiction contests and the Writer’s Digest poetry competition, a Richard Hugo Fellowship from the Port Townsend Writers Conference, grants from P.E.N. and the Michigan Council for the Arts, and the choice of his book Asylum as an “Outstanding Small Press Publication” by the American Library Association.