First-Year Writing Program

  • All University of Michigan-Flint students are required to complete ENG 111: College Rhetoric and ENG 112: Critical Writing and Reading or their equivalents.
  • Depending on writing placement exam performance, domestic students may also be required to take one to three credits of ENG 109: College Writing Workshop.¬†International students should consult the UM-Flint Bridge Program tab for information on writing placement and prerequisite courses LIN 101 and LIN 102.¬†
  • Depending on ACT or reading placement exam scores, domestic and international students may be required to take ENG 100: College Reading and Learning Strategies.

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Our Expectations of You

To help us guide you towards success, all sections of all first year writing courses place a premium on the following:

  • Attendance/prompt arrival/focused attention to the work of the class
  • Contribution to small and large group discussion/participation in all course activities
  • The sharing of drafts through a peer review/peer editing/peer workshop process
  • Submission of your best work, on time
  • Academic integrity
  • Careful preparation
  • Thorough attention to course policies, course calendar, and other course documents provided
  • Taking responsibility to communicate immediately any difficulties meeting course requirements

Please see the course documents provided by your instructor in order to understand the specific requirements of your section associated with these program expectations and the individual expectations of your instructor.