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Computer Resources
Personal Directory and M Box
Student Computer Labs

Computer Resources

Students are expected to be aware of campus computer resources and the importance of the student email account. Students are also expected to keep files stored in at least two safe places and have a backup plan in case of power/computer/Internet failure.

Your technology fee (part of your tuition) allows you to use the campus computer network, which includes e-mail, Blackboard, secure storage space on the student server (your Personal Directory), campus computer labs, and printing on campus.

As a student, you also have access to inexpensive or free software:

Software Sales

Useful Plugins and Software

Lab Anywhere (use the computer lab from anywhere using your Mac or PC! Choose VMWARE HORIZON HTML ACCESS.)

Microsoft Office 365 for UM-Flint Students allows you to use Office anywhere

Free Software Compatible with Microsoft Office

Open Office (for Windows or Mac)

Personal Directory and M Box

Know how to save files in your personal directory (also called the “home drive” or “h-drive”), which you can access files from anywhere. Your personal directory also includes a homepage folder that can house a web page. For details, see What is the Personal Directory - H Drive?.

Students also have storage space on M Box. Because this is through Ann Arbor, students will need to log in using their Kerberos (Ann Arbor) password.

Student Computer Labs

Know the location and open hours of campus computer labs.

Know how to print out documents in the labs by using your Papercut Account.

A valid computer account including a uniqname and password are needed to use any of the computer labs.


Even if you have a personal e-mail account (such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc.), you are expected to check your UM-Flint student e-mail account often. Important notices and information from the University will be sent to your student e-mail account, and only to that account.

NOTE: You cannot forward e-mail from your student account to another e-mail account; however, your student account is easily accessible through any web browser. Just go to Or, from the UMF web site click “My UM-Flint,” then click “Email.”

What Instructors Expect of Students

Check your UM-Flint account daily.

  • Your instructors and the University regularly send information out to your UM-Flint account. Instructors often send by email messages about course changes or updates including class meetings or cancelled classes.
  • Some instructors have specific guidelines for email communication, which are often included in the syllabus. Be sure to learn and use those guidelines.

When composing an email, aim for a clear, complete and somewhat formal message.

  • Write a meaningful subject line (e.g. RE: Question about Essay #2).
  • Be sure to begin emails with a salutation: “Dear Professor/ Dr./ Ms./Mr. Smith”
  • Be sure to include the course in which you are enrolled: “ENG 111:17”
  • If you are attaching files, include relevant information in the file name: “Student Name Assignment Name”. Mention the attached file in the body of the email and your purpose for attaching the file.
  • End your message on a polite note: “Sincerely, Your Name Here"


What Students Can Expect of Instructors

You can expect your instructor to check his or her email regularly.  Most check daily during the week (probably several times a day) and most check at least once during the weekend.  

Do not expect an immediate response, especially on the weekend. Busy schedules do not always allow for immediate answers to your questions.  Plan for at least a 24-hour delay and no response on the weekend.  So, for example, if you have questions about an assignment, be sure to allow yourself enough time to get a response and time to do the work based on the instructor’s response.


Be familiar with Blackboard. It's used for most classes, not just online classes. You can log onto to the system at with the same user name and password that you use for your student email.

If you need help with Blackboard, contact

Office of Extended Learning Help Desk
241 French Hall
(810) 237-6691

Phone Support Hours
6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Mon – Fri
10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sat & Sun