Why Major in English?

To acquire tools that will never lose value.
To learn how language shapes the world.
To experience a different perspective.
To understand the effect of changing media.
To explain your world.
To write intelligently, beautifully, persuasively.


English - Specialization in Linguistics (BA)

The goal of the Linguistics Program is to advance our understanding of the fundamental, unconscious knowledge that all speakers have of their language and the ways that language impacts and shapes everyday life. The study of language is broad and intersects with a variety of disciplines including anthropology, education, English, foreign languages, philosophy, and psychology, among others.

English - Specialization in Literature (BA)
English - Specialization in Writing (BA)
English Teacher’s Certificate Program (BA)
Honors Program in English

Undergraduate students in the University Honors Program may pursue any of the English specializations: English Education, Linguistics, Literature, or Writing.

TESOL Certificate Program

The certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is intended for any UM-Flint student or community member hoping to teach English abroad. The program complements any major or can be taken as a stand-alone certificate. In just 15-credits, you can be ready to travel the world! 

Course Rotation Schedule

Many of the courses offered by the English Department are on a predictable rotation.  If you are looking for a particular course and want to know when it may be offered, please review the list linked below.  For a list of all our courses and their descriptions, refer to the University Catalog.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for, email us at EnglishDept@umich.edu.

Course Rotation Schedule