Tiese Roxbury, Ph.D.

Director (Office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives)

Hometown: Wilmington, NC

Previous Job:  Assistant Director of Research, Assessment, & Academic Success (NCAA)

My Philosophy on Student Success:

Personally, I believe in approaching student success with three key elements: individualization, holistic development, and meeting students where they are.  With the proper opportunities, support and exposure, students can develop their multiple identities (academic, personal, professional, etc.) and flourish into UM-Flint graduates who make significant contributions to the workforce.

What do you hope to accomplish here?

I hope to use my research and curriculum background to enhance and validate the current programs of EOI. I also want to take programming to the next level for EOI students by creating meaningful educational experiences that not only to push them to thrive academically, but also allow them to see themselves through a gifted lens and recognize that they are talented ambassadors and global citizens with a voice.   


Janice Jones, Ph.D.

Program Manager Promise Scholar

Defining success as an institution requires us to carefully assess our students’ short-term objectives relative to their long-term goals and to provide the right curricula, academic supports, and services to help them achieve these goals (McPherson and Schapiro 2008). I believe the single greatest indicator of a successful system is the degree to which the students are equipped for success upon graduation.


Ashley Terry, Ed.D.

Program Manager Committed to Excellence and Opportunity

Success is setting a goal, maintaining a positive attitude, and overcoming obstacles all while achieving the goal. Importantly, being able to learn more about yourself creates more confidence that enables you to have more successes as you persist through life.



Bianca Torbert

Assistant Program Manager Promise Scholar

My philosophy on Student Success is developing the whole student. Student bonds are created when students feel personally significant and welcomed in an institution that promotes Student Success. Student Success reaches beyond perceptions and offer specifics that allow students to have victories inside and outside of the classrooms.


Diamond Wilder

Assistant Program Manager Committed to Excellence and Opportunity

Diamond is the Committed to Excellence and Opportunity (CEO) Pre-College Programs Assistant Program Manager, this program is designed to provide the support, skills, and exposure necessary to succeed in college and beyond. Diamond is an alumna of the University of Michigan-Flint. She is excited to give back to the students here at UM-Flint and within the greater Flint community. 


Sonja Coleman

Administrative Assistant

One quote that represents student success to me is “Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” Student success is when students apply their knowledge and available resources to their everyday life, which allows the student to work smarter, not harder.

Student Staff

Staff Name Program Email
Tanisha Burrage


Brooklyn Golden

Antonio Parks


Tihirah Ruffin

Promise Scholar
Talyn Tureaud CEO
Iyanna Webb CEO