Your Benefits as a Promise Scholar

We are aware that transitioning to the university requires a mental, physical, emotional and social shift. And we want to serve as your key partner. Within you program you will be able to:
  • Build relationships. You will develop close and intentional relationships with fellow Promise Scholars by sharing classes, activities, and community involvement.
  • Connect with faculty. You will gain unique opportunities to interact with, learn from, and even perform research alongside dedicated faculty members.
  • Gain expert guidance. You will be equipped with a dedicated team of advisors, mentors, and coaches, who can answer questions, provide advice, and ensure you have the resources you need to succeed.
  • Get priority access to classes. You will receive priority when registering for your Promise Scholar Learning Community classes.  You will take classes at convenient times from professors who are aware of the unique needs of new college students and who are dedicated to helping you make the successful transition to college.
  • Participate in hands-on learning. You will have the opportunity to take advantage of shared in-class and out-of-classroom experiences with fellow Promise Scholars to develop our vision, vet out your key personal growth questions, and root the university experience as part of your broader life goals.
To fully take advantage of these resources, we aim to cultivate the Promise Scholar’s Mindset

Program Expecations and Culture

  • Mutual Partnership: A Promise Scholar WANTS a university partner to fortify their sense of possibility and honor their self-accountability in the university success process.

  • Engaged Citizen: A Promise Scholar is energized to ENRICH their communities through the intersection of intellectual development and visionary leadership.

  • Authentic: A Promise Scholar is values their history as they look at forward into the future and deepen their understanding of their purpose, values, and goals.

  • Resilient: A Promise Scholar confronts life challenges with bravery and is unafraid to turn to their community for help and guidance.