Martin M. Kaufman
       516E Murchie Science Bldg.
       Flint, MI 48502-1950
       Phone: 810-762-0952
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Research Interests

Water resources, urban groundwater contamination, urban hydrology, sustainable systems

Selected Publications

Kaufman, M.M, and T. Rosencrants. 2015. GIS Method for Characterizing Fire flow Capacity. Fire Safety Journal, 72:25-32. 

Kaufman, M.M., Daniel T. Rogers, Kent S. Murray. 2011. Urban Watersheds: Geology, Contamination, and Sustainable Development. CRC Press: Boca Raton, FL. (583 pp.)

Kaufman, M.M., D.T. Rogers, K.S. Murray. 2009.  Using Soil Risk Factors for Assessing  the Potential for Groundwater Contamination to the Lower Great Lakes, USA. Environmental  Geology, 56:1009-1021.

Kaufman, M.M., D.T. Rogers, K.S. Murray. 2005.  An Empirical Model for Estimating Remediation Costs at Contaminated Sites. Journal of Water, Air, and Soil Pollution, 167: 365-386.

Kaufman, M.M., K.S. Murray, D.T. Rogers. 2003. Surface and Subsurface Geologic Risk Factors to Groundwater Affecting Brownfield Redevelopment Potential. Journal of Environmental Quality, 32:490-499.

Kaufman, M.M. 2000.  Erosion Control at Construction Sites: the Science-Policy Gap. Environmental Management, 26(1):89-97.

Kaufman, M.M. and M. Wurtz. 1997. Hydraulic and Economic Benefits of Downspout Diversion.  Journal of the American Water Resources Association, (33:2):491-497.