Service Charges

Routine Services Funded by Facilities & Operations
Maintenance, repair and operation of buildings includes heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, electrical, plumbing and other utility systems, and equipment installed as an integral part of the buildings.

Maintenance of campus grounds includes turf, trees and shrubs, flowers, site utilities, walks and roadways, and parking facilities.

Maintenance and repair of basic classroom furniture and furnishings includes chalkboards, chairs, tables, lecterns, movie screens, and window blinds.

Basic, scheduled housekeeping services, waste collection and paper recycling services.

General facilities and space planning support, renovation and design performed by in-house staff, renovation and construction supervision by in-house staff.

Painting and other maintenance of exterior surfaces and interior surfaces in public areas and classrooms.

Services Funded by Requesting Department
Installation of equipment by outside contractors (all costs) or by Facilities & Operations staff (materials and overtime).

Grounds staff services beyond normal duties or scheduled work hours, such as site setups, extra maintenance or services, etc.

Maintenance and repair of special classroom and lab equipment and systems, office equipment and furnishings, lab equipment and other departmental property.

Housekeeping services beyond normal scheduled work.

Moving services by the Materials Management Unit. Please refer to the Moving Policy.

Delivery services performed by outside firms, shipping expenses for items sent off campus via UPS, Federal Express, or common carrier and all costs associated with COD shipments.

Renovations, alterations, or improvements to facilities, facilities planning and design and other services provided by outside architects or engineers.

Painting and decoration services beyond the level provided in maintenance budgets.