Capital Planning and Space Guidelines

Before exploring a capital project need, (a renovation exceeding $5,000 or requesting additional space), it is important to keep the following in mind. If you decide to proceed with your project your project after reviewing the guidelines below, please submit a project request form using the link at the bottom of this page.

  • All capital project work, including programming studies, conceptual designs, cost estimates, etc., must be coordinated and managed by the UM Flint Facilities and Operations. Units are not permitted to procure external consultants on their own
  • Facilities and Operations will not provide cost estimates, start capital project program and site studies, or identify potential space without first ensuring that the affected Executive Officer, Provost Office, and Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance are aware of and support proceeding with the study.
  • Since there are incremental expenses involved in every space request (even estimates cost money), both to acquire and maintain, therefore, every attempt should be made to utilize existing space to the fullest extent possible before requesting additional existing space or, the construction/acquisition of new space.
  • Working with current or potential donors on space issues can set unrealistic expectations and hamper strategic development activities. The Provost, VCBF and Exec. Director of Development should be aware before any contact is made with a potential donor.
  • Each Executive Office must be actively involved in any capital project planning especially when multiple units are involved in a project.
  • With all capital projects, units are responsible for creating a funding plan that covers the entire cost of the capital project (including moving and temporary relocation during the project) and reoccurring operating costs (utilities, maintenance, etc.) of the new building or additional space. Indirect costs of support (DPS, parking, etc.) also must be taken into account. For additional details on funding and when that funding will be transferred please review the Project Funding & Timing Document.
  • All projects estimated at $1 million or higher require Board of Regents’ approval. U-M Facilities and Operations manages Regents’ approval process, in partnership with Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC). Three separate Regents’ approvals may be necessary, which could take 90 days.

Project Request Form

If you would like to request a project please obtain approval from your Dean/EO to submit a Project Request Form to begin the process. Please review the Project Request Instructions and the Request Process Flowchart prior to submitting a request and if you have any questions please contact Facilities and Operations at 762-3223