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Below is a list of resources vital to every faculty member at UM-Flint. Descriptions of services, relevant links, and campus locations (with campus maps) can be found below each banner. Please also note the Faculty Resource sub-categories, "Faculty Commons" and "Course-Related" included in the main menu.   

Human Resources (HR)


762-3150; 213 University Pavilion Campus Map

Human Resources is housed on the 2nd floor of the University Pavilion.

Human Resources "supports the growth and success of UM-Flint faculty, staff and students within a culture that embraces and promotes diversity and inclusiveness."



https://www.umflint.edu/registrar  email: regweb@list.umflint.edu

762-3344; 266 University Pavilion Campus Map

The Office of the Registrar is housed on the 2nd floor of the University Pavilion.

Registrar-related faculty resources and responsibilities include: 


Bookstore Website    

762-3030; 106 University Pavilion Campus Map

The UM-Flint Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) is housed in the 1st floor of the University Pavilion. 

Essential Bookstore information for faculty:

Information and Technology Services (ITS)

www.umflint.edu/its; https://helpdesk.umflint.edu 

762-3123; 905 Northbank Center

Helpdesk Technicians Available in Computer Lab; 206 Murchie Science Building   Campus Map

ITS provides UM-Flint with a range of computing, networking, classroom technology, multimedia, and web services. For a full list of services, browse ITS Services.

  • New Faculty Welcome 
  • MCards/Parking Permits 
  • Computer Equipment Purchases (contact Deptartment Chair or contact Ken Heiser or Jason Gooding in ITS)
  • Mediated Classroom Services (MCS) Equipment and Training
    • MCS manages campus computer labs and mediated classrooms; maintains classroom equipment; distributes mobile computer classrooms; provides training on supported equipment.
    • MCS Request Form
  • Specialized Software (requires ITS approval and at least 30 days’ notice prior to classes)
  • Reduced prices on software 
  • Utilization of Personal (H: Drive), Dept. Directories (I: Drive), M+Box (Cloud Drive) 
  • ITS Recommendation: visit classrooms prior to classes to familiarize with equipment and make sure tech in working order.
  • Ann Arbor Resources available: Contact ITS Help Desk


Web: http://libguides.umflint.edu/friendly.php?s=library

email: library-reference@umflint.edu

Reserve Circulation: 762-3400; Reference Librarian: 762-3408 

UM-Flint’s Thompson Library is located to the East of the University Pavilion (Campus Map) and can only be entered through the main entrance on the 3rd floor. Its three floors feature multiple computers, cubicles, group study tables, individual study and meeting rooms, and a multi-modal “Think Lab” (on the 3rd floor next to the Writing Center). Contact Circulation desk to reserve rooms or Think Lab. 

The library is committed to serving UM-Flint students and faculty through access to authoritative resources and by offering guidance in information literacy skills: