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Below are a variety of resources available to UM-Flint students to enhance their academic success and enrich their experiences inside and outside the classroom. Descriptions of services, relevant links, and campus locations (with campus maps) are included under each banner. Several of these resources are found under Faculty Resources--"Course-Related" (main menu at left); they are duplicated here for convenience.  


Bookstore Website    

762-3030; 106 University Pavilion Campus Map

The UM-Flint Bookstore (Barnes & Noble) is housed in the 1st floor of the University Pavilion. Students can purchase textbooks online or in person.

Essential Bookstore information for faculty:

Writing Center

Come Together; Write Now.


766-6602; 3rd Floor Thompson Library Campus Map

The Marian E. Wright Writing Center is located on the 3rd floor in the Thompson Library and serves UM-Flint students and faculty from across the disciplines. The Writing Center is appointment-based, with sessions available for 25 minutes (for writings up to 5 pages) or 55 minutes (6-10 pages). Appointments can be made online, by phone, or in person. Walk-ins are assisted only if tutors are available.

Writing Center tutors are comprised of undergraduate and graduate students who are are required to take a 4-credit course combining written coursework, writing theory, tutor training, and in-center observation and practice. They are broadly equipped as critical readers and listeners who provide helpful feedback to writers and speakers at any phase of writing:

  • Essays and Research Papers
  • Creative Writing and Poetry
  • Resumes/Cover Letters/Personal Statements
  • Speaking/PowerPoint/Prezi Presentations
  • Faculty Assignment Sheets and Academic Writing

Asynchronous online tutoring is available to students in online courses only.

The Writing Center is not designed as a line-editing service. When directing students to the writing center for a particular assignment, faculty are encouraged to provide assignment sheets to accompany student visits.

Writing Center staff are available (by request) for classroom visits to distribute brochures, and describe services and procedures.


Web: http://libguides.umflint.edu/friendly.php?s=library

email: library-reference@umflint.edu

Reserve Circulation: 762-3400; Reference Librarian: 762-3408 

UM-Flint’s Thompson Library is located to the East of the University Pavilion (Campus Map) and can only be entered through the main entrance on the 3rd floor. Its three floors feature multiple computers, cubicles, group study tables, individual study and meeting rooms, and a multi-modal “Think Lab” (on the 3rd floor next to the Writing Center). Contact Circulation desk to reserve rooms or Think Lab. 

The library is committed to serving UM-Flint students and faculty through access to authoritative resources and by offering guidance in information literacy skills:

Academic Advising, Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction



762-3085; Room 285 University Pavilion Campus Map

The UM-Flint Student Success Center,  housed on the 2nd floor of the University Pavilion, is dedicated to student success and wants every student to know, “you’re not alone.”

Every service the Student Success Center offers is designed to empower students to achieve academic excellence and attain personal well-being:

Career Services


424-5450; 10th Floor Northbank Center Campus Map

The Career Center offers comprehensive career services to UM-Flint students and alumni.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)


742-3456; Room 264 University Center (UCEN) Campus Map

Located on the 2nd floor of UCEN, UM-Flint’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available to provide enrolled students with counseling, therapy, and limited psychological testing. Services are offered as part of student tuition.

CAPS is unable to assist with:

Disability and Accessibility Services


762-3081; Room 264 University Center (UCEN) Campus Map

Accessibility Services, housed on the 1st floor of Thompson Library, offers a variety of services to enrolled students requiring special accommodations. Services are provided as part of student tuition, individualized based on need, and include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Oral and sign language interpreters
  • Alternative format textbooks and course materials
  • Special testing arrangements
  • Access to adaptive technology and equipment

Students requesting special accommodations are encouraged to meet with Accessibility Services staff to discuss their needs and coordinate them with faculty.



Center for Gender and Sexuality


237-6648; Room 213 University Center (UCEN) Campus Map

UM-Flint’s Center for Gender and Sexuality (CGS), housed on the 2nd floor of UCEN, exists to support all students, staff, faculty to deepen and enrich awareness on all issues to gender and sexuality.

  • Creating safe/inclusive classrooms and syllabus statements
  • Classroom visits/workshops/training for LGBTQ awareness
  • Understanding University Student Preferred Name Policy 
  • Campus Wide Events throughout the semester
  • Co-Curricular opportunities and connections
  • Discipline-specific preparation for integrating LGBTQ awareness into field work
  • Student referrals for advocacy, sex ed resources, emergency grants, emotional and academic support (online referrals for privacy available)
  • Information about community resources
  • Women’s Leadership issues
  • Academic support and institutional advocacy for faculty
  • Co-Curricular and Service support and opportunities
  • Diversity policies
  • Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence advocacy and assistance (please note: not therapy) - contact Sarah Devitt sdevitt@umich.edu.
  • Resources for students in need and for non-traditional students
  • Conferences and speakers
  • Work/Life Balance services and policies
  • Information regarding local housing, neighborhoods, schools

Intercultural Center


762-3045; Room 115 University Center (UCEN) Campus Map

Director: David J. Luke, Ph.D.

The Intercultural Center (ICC) opened on October 21, 2014 in response to the requests from various cultural student organizations that expressed a need for a space focused on supporting the work of their organizations and educational programming related to issues of cultural competency and centering marginalized identities, especially people of color.  There was a focus on creating spaces for critical dialogues and fostering an increasingly inclusive environment at UM Flint.  In the spirit of inclusion, everyone is welcome at the ICC and at all ICC events and programs.  

The work of the ICC is built on the foundation of social justice and upheld by three pillars: belonging, advocacy, and education. Everything that comes from the ICC aligns with one or more of these pillars.

Educational Opportunities Initiatives (EOI)


762-3365; Room 280 University Center (UCEN) Campus Map

The Office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives (EOI) enhances UM-Flint’s ability to identify, recruit, serve, and graduate students of diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on students from underrepresented groups and areas where college access and success rates are significantly below the national average.


University Outreach


424-5486; 10th Floor Northbank Center Campus Map

University Outreach at UM-Flint exists to “connect campus and community to support learning, collaboration, and partnerships.” Outreach’s efforts in engaged citizenship and institutional diversity contributed significantly to UM-Flint receiving the distinguished, national Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement

Opportunities available to UM-Flint faculty and students through Outreach include: