This guide will walk you through the process of accepting the aid that is awarded to you - this must be done before certain types of aid will pay to your account.

NOTE: Financial aid can take up to 2 weeks to reflect on a student account after accepted.  To avoid late fees, allow processing time prior to due dates.

1. Sign In

Begin by navigating to and logging in with your uniqname and LAN password. 


2. Navigating the SIS Main Menu

From the main menu of SIS, navigate to the Financial Aid section by selecting the "Financial Aid" link. 

3. Navigating the Financial Aid Menu

Now that you have reached the Financial Aid section of SIS, navigate to the Awards section by selecting the "Awards" link. 

4. Navigating the Award Information Menu

Next, select "Award by Aid Year" to view your awards. 

5. Selecting the Aid Year

Select the current aid year from the dropdown menu and submit your choice. 

6. Navigating to the Accept Award Screen

On this screen, select "Accept Award Offer" to navigate to the page where you are able to accept aid. 

7. Reviewing Required Reading

Before accepting aid, you must review the required reading. Select the "Required Reading web site" link to review this information. 

8. Reviewing Awards

Scroll down on the same page to view a list of awards offered. The status of each award is listed along with the amount awarded for each semester. 

On the right side of the table are two columns for accepting aid. Select the dropdown menu of each aid type to accept it, or type in a dollar amount in the box to accept only a portion of this aid offered. 

When you have accepted the aid or entered partial amounts, scroll down and select "Submit Decision" to accept your aid. 

Note: selecting "Accept Full Amount All Awards" will accept all offered aid no matter the amounts and decisions you entered in the table above! 

9. Reviewing Additional Requirements

Now that your aid has been accepted, check to ensure all required documents have been submitted. To do so, return to the Financial Aid tab and select "Eligibility."

Then, select "Student Requirements."

This page lists all required documentation. Check the status to make sure it is not labeled "Incomplete" or "Required."

If you have any additional questions, we're here to help. Contact us at (810) 762-3444.