This guide will walk you through the process of checking any requirements on your student account. These requirements are important as they may prevent the release of financial aid if not completed. 

Click each step below to learn more.

1. Sign In

Begin by navigating to and logging in with your uniqname and LAN password. 

2. Navigating the SIS Main Menu

From the main menu of SIS, navigate to the Financial Aid section by clicking the "Financial Aid" link. 

3. Navigating the Financial Aid Menu

Now that you have reached the Financial Aid section of SIS, navigate to the Financial Aid Status section by clicking the "Financial Aid Status" link. 

4. Selecting the Aid Year

Next, choose the correct aid year from the drop down menu and click "Submit". 

5. Navigating the Financial Aid Status Menu

You will now be greeted with multiple options. Navigate to the student requirements screen by clicking the "student requirements" link. 

6. Reviewing Requirements

This screen includes a list of all requirements that apply to your student account. Any verification forms or other requested documents are displayed. 

The "Status" column indicates the state of the requirement. If it reads "Incomplete" or "Requested", you must provide these documents to ensure your aid will pay out. Click the name of the requirement itself to download a copy of the requested form. Review the requirements carefully and contact us with any questions.