When Aid Can Pay

Fall and Winter semesters: The first disbursement of aid will be made no earlier than 10 days before the beginning of the semester.

Spring and Summer semesters: The first disbursement of aid will be made no earlier than the first day of the semester.

Criteria that must be met before aid can pay

All of the following criteria must be met before aid can disburse to the student's account.

Credit Hours:
You must be enrolled (not wait-listed) for the credit hours you aid package is based on. Undergraduate students are assumed to enroll Full-time (12 or more credits) and Graduate students are assumed to enroll Part-time (4-7 credits).  If you enrollment does match this criteria you will need to change your enrollment level and should submit a revision request form to the Office of Financial Aid.

Award Notice:
You must have received a financial aid award notice, submitted documents requested to the Office of Financial Aid all , and satisfied all posted requirements. For instructions on how to accept, decline, or reduce your aid awards see the How to Accept your Aid web site.

Outstanding requirements can prevent disbursement of aid.  Refer to the student requirements area on SIS to view any unsatisfied requirements.

  1. sis.umflint.edu
  2. Login with UMID and PIN
  3. Financial Aid
  4. Eligibility
  5. Student Requirements

Loan Promissory Notes:

  • Stafford Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans:
    If you have been awarded one of these loans for the first time, you must complete a Direct Loan master promissory note at https://studentloans.gov using your federal PIN. 
    First-time loan borrowers will also need to complete the on-line entrance counseling at https://studentloans.gov.
  • Perkins Loan:
    If you did not previously complete a Perkins master promissory note in order to receive your funds you must have one printed for you through the Office of Financial Aid.  In addition, each year you will be required to fill out a Perkins Loan Questionnaire that must be turned in with the promissory note.  Perkins promissory notes are printed and mailed on a weekly basis throughout the academic year.

Financial Aid Holds:
All financial aid  holds must be resolved in order for you to receive your aid funds. For example a financial aid hold may reflect that Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is under review.

How Aid is Paid

Aid is applied directly to a student account:

  • Financial aid funds are directly applied to tuition, fees, and other charges that appear on a student’s account. 
  • Students are responsible for checking the status of their student account. 
  • All bills are emailed by the Student Account’s Office to students in their UM-Flint Outlook email account. 
  • Students are responsible for seeing that tuition is paid by the due date each semester in order to avoid late fees assessed by the Student Account’s Office. A student’s delay in submitting additional paperwork (at least one month prior to the first semester disbursement) as specified under outstanding requirements may result in a delay in disbursement.  Students are responsible for late fees in these situations.

Work Study Employment

Work Study awards are earned as wages by working in positions with eligible employers. Wages are typically paid bi-weekly through the University’s payroll system (they are not applied directly to a student account).

Students who are interested in community service may find a number of positions available through the Work Study program. 

The Office of Human Resources maintains a listing of eligible Work Study jobs and posts them on the web. Students contact employers directly for interviews. 

If a student is not employed 30 days into each semester they may be contacted directly by one or more departments regarding employment opportunities.