As a result of many generous donors the University of Michigan-Flint is proud to award over $1.4 million in student scholarships each year.  These scholarships recognize and support academic excellence, student research, extracurricular activities, and service to the university and community at large. The scholarships are offered to students in all programs of study and all grade levels. More information on the scholarship application period is below.

2018-2019 UM-Flint Scholarships
The application period for 2018-2019 scholarships is open. The scholarship application deadline is as follows:

  • Undergraduate Students - February 15, 2018
  • Graduate Students - June 1, 2018

Scholarships are open to any admitted UM-Flint student. Students may apply only once an aid year. For existing graduate students, to maximize your chances for scholarship consideration, you are encouraged to file your on-line scholarship application by the undergraduate deadline to be considered for those scholarships open to all students regardless of your class level.  The undergraduate student deadline is February 15, 2018. If you are a current UM-Flint graduate student or have been admitted by June 1, 2018, your application will also be included for graduate scholarship consideration after the June 1 deadline.


Step 1

Reply to 14 primary questions. 

  1. Have you had an interruption, postponement, or break in your education?
    If so, please check the appropriate number of years of interruption. Examples of an interruption in your education may include: a period between high school graduation and beginning college of more than 1 year, taking time off during your college education, or any other unusual interruption in your educational career. For example if you had a 2 year interruption check '2 years but less than 3 years'.
  2. Did you graduate from a Genesee County High School?
  3. Have you experienced a catastrophic life event which negatively impacts your finances? i.e., death, injury, or illness of immediate family member.
  4. Are you serving in active duty in any of the 5 branches of the military or have you been honorably discharged from any branch of the US military?  You may be asked to provide a copy of your DD-214.
  5. Are you physically or visually challenged or do you have a learning disability?
    If yes, you must register with the Accessibility Services located in 264 University Center, and have an affirmation statement sent to the Office of Financial Aid each year by 5:00 p.m. February 23, 2018.
  6. Are you married?
  7. Are you a single parent?
  8. Do you have children?
  9. Are you an American Physical Therapy Association Member?
  10. Have you been engaged in unpaid volunteer community service?
  11. Are you interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession? This scholarship is intended for students pursuing majors in Political Science, School of Management, or English.
  12. Are you a current SEIU Local 591 or 517M member, OR, are you the spouse, child or grandchild of a current or former member?
    If yes, you must submit documentation (i.e., copy of the membership card) to the Office of Financial Aid by 5 p.m., February 23, 2018.
  13. Are you interested in pursuing pre-medical studies to prepare to apply to medical, nursing, physician assistant or nurse practitioner school?
  14. Are you a first generation college student and neither parent has earned a college degree?

Step 2

Reply to 11 secondary questions. 

  1. Are you pursuing higher education to potentially make you more marketable in a second career?
  2. Have you been accepted into the Teacher Education Program?
    If yes, you must submit documentation from the Education Department to the Office of Financial Aid by 5 p.m., February 23, 2018.
  3. If available, would you plan to enroll in at least one on-line or mixed-mode course during the upcoming academic year?
    If yes, enrollment in an on-line or mixed mode class will be verified at a future date to validate eligibility.
  4. Are you a current Student Government Council member at UM-Flint, OR have you served as a Student Government Council member in the past year?
  5. Are you the child, grandchild, or member of any Rotary Club?
  6. Is your parent, grandparent, or spouse a graduate of the University of Michigan - Flint? If yes, please provide the relationship, the name at the time of graduation (maiden name if applicable); date of graduation (i.e., May, 1998); and date of birth (if available) for the Registrar to validate.
  7. Do you have a parent who is currently a UAW Local 599 member in good standing, with minimum 5 year membership?
    If yes, you must submit documentation (i.e., copy of membership card) to the Office of Financial Aid by 5 p.m., February 23, 2018.
  8. Are you employed on campus?
    If yes, you must submit documentation (i.e., copy of recent paycheck) to the Office of Financial Aid by 5 p.m., February 23, 2018. If you are a current Federal Work Study student or under a temporary assignment, you are considered an employee.
  9. Are you a member (or dependent of a member) of a labor union?

If yes, and you would like to be considered for a scholarship for union family members, submit no more than a 2-page (double spaced) separate essay describing the importance of labor unions to the Office of Financial Aid by 5 p.m., February 23, 2018.If you are related to a LEO member, please provide documentation (membership card) and an explanation of the relationship (child, grandchild, or spouse).

  1. Are you an International Student on an F-1 Visa?
  2. Do you plan to reside in Student Housing (First Street or Riverfront) for the 2018-2019 academic year?

Step 3

Personal Statement/Essay

Write a Personal Statement of no more than 350 words. The essay must address all of the following bullets, not necessarily in any particular order, merged into a single, continuous format:

  • Describe your academic and career goals.
  • Describe scholarships and awards you have received (if applicable), and your need for scholarship support.
  • Describe your school and community involvement with an emphasis on active contributions to clubs, organizations, and/or co-curricular activities.
  • Describe any projects or research undertaken—including experiences in tutoring or teaching (if applicable).
  • Describe the impact of education on your personal growth and development.

For tips on writing a scholarship essay/personal statement, refer to this link which also includes a sample essay/personal statement.


Write a short biography of no more than 350 words and address the following:

  • Discuss some of your experiences that led to you pursuing your education at UM-Flint.
  • Discuss your dedication to your field of study.
  • Discuss your educational and professional goals.

Step 4

Additional Information and Review Scholarships

To be considered for need-based scholarships, you must have a 2018-2019 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) on file with the University of Michigan-Flint (school code: 002327) Office of Financial Aid by February 23, 2018. 

Remember though:
Your on-line application must be completed and submitted by February 15, 2018, by 11:59 p.m.

You may not be completed with the scholarship application process yet! In order to be considered for any of the scholarships that require additional information (i.e., letter of recommendations, proof of membership, etc.) you will need to submit the requested documentation by the designated deadline -- February 23, 2018 for Phase I applicants and June 8, 2018 for Phase II applicants.

View [Scholarship Summaries ] for a more detailed listing of Scholarship criteria.

Step 5

Review, Accept, and Submit

Notice: By submitting this application electronically, you agree to the following:

  • I have read and agree that all statements made in this application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Deliberate falsification or misrepresentation will result in forfeiture of scholarship(s) received from the University of Michigan-Flint.
  • By submitting this form I authorize release of my University of Michigan-Flint transcript and educational/financial aid records to the scholarship committees and/or donors. I understand that I must meet the terms and conditions of the scholarship guidelines to receive these funds.
  • I understand that as a recipient of a scholarship, information may be shared with scholarship committees, donors, media, and University of Michigan-Flint faculty/staff. 
  • Receipt of University of Michigan-Flint scholarship(s) and/or private outside scholarships may reduce other federal, state and university financial aid awards, including loans, grants, work study, and scholarships.
  • I realize that when I accept awards and scholarships my directory information may be used in news releases.


Note: Scholarship awards are for the fall and winter semesters. Funds will be awarded half for fall and half for winter. A student not attending winter semester will not have the 2nd half of the scholarship awarded for use in prior nor future semesters. If a recipient fails to enroll, cancels, or withdraws for any term covered by the scholarship award, the amount of the award for the term and any subsequent terms will be forfeited. If an award is forfeited, the student will be responsible for any resulting tuition charges or fees.