Financial Aid for Education Abroad Programs

Looking to participate in an Education Abroad program? The Office of Financial Aid can help! Review the steps below to make sure you are prepared for your trip.

Priority Deadlines:

Fall Programs (Sept-Dec): March 1

Winter Programs (Jan-May): June 1

Spring/Summer (May-Aug): Sept 1

Year-long (Sept-May): March 1

Step 1: Visit the Office of Financial Aid

  • Visit the Office of Financial Aid to discuss options (loans, PLUS, GPLUS, scholarships, etc. preferable one year before your trip

  • Research/apply for scholarships early; submit appropriate information (i.e. letters of recommendation, etc.)

    • UM-Flint Donor Funded Scholarships

      • Study Abroad Scholarships through the International Center’s Office of Study Abroad (219 UCEN)

      • Japan Center for Michigan Universities scholarships (for JCMU program participants)

      • Conny Nelson

    • External Scholarships

      • Benjamin A. Gilman (For students who are Pell eligible)

      • Boren Awards for International Study (For students applying to engage in a study abroad experience in a country outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand that meets home institution standards).

      • Freeman Asia

      • Other:

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

  • Students who enroll in a study abroad program (which has been approved for transfer credit by UM-Flint) are considered as enrolled at UM-Flint for the purpose of applying for financial aid.

  • File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA); students may be able to use financial aid from prior year to help offset costs in the upcoming year.

  • Accept loans, sign EMPN, etc.

  • Set up post advising meeting with the F/A Officer to ensure financial aid will disburse as scheduled.

Step 3: Submit Education Abroad Application & Course Credits Transfer Form

Once the Education Abroad Application & Study Abroad Course Credits Transfer Form is completed/signed by appropriate advisors, dept. chairs, and deans, submit the original to the Office of Study Abroad and copy to the UM-Flint Office of Financial Aid (277 UPAV). Visit the International Center web page for more info.

Step 4: Submit Consortium Agreement

Submit all program requirements/forms; consult staff in the Office of Study Abroad to determine the appropriate forms since requirements may differ for every program. This is only required if you are registering for coursework at other instituitions.

Step 5: Register

If you are registering for UM-Flint courses, ensure that you are officially registered for the course(s) associated with the Study Abroad trip.

Step 6: Re-entry

For students enrolled in coursework other than UM-Flint, ensure that an official transcript of your academic coursework is forwarded to the Office of Admissions to facilitate the official transfer of credit. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of all federal/state/institutional financial aid.