This guide will walk you through the process of finding and applying for various jobs offered through the work-study program.

Click each step below to learn more.

1. Navigating to the Website

Begin by navigating to

2. Searching for a Job

Enter the following information into the Job Search fields and click "SEARCH" to begin your search. 

3. Browsing Jobs

A list of jobs will be generated. Browse through them and find the job that best suits you. Click the title of your preferred job to learn more about the position. 

4. Additional Information

Once you have read the additional information on your preferred job, click "Apply Now" to begin the application process. 

Take note of the Job Opening ID as it will be required to find and apply for the job later. 

5. Applying

To apply for a Work-Study position, you must apply as an external applicant. Click the "click here" link for external applicants to continue. 

You will be presented with more information on the particular position once more. Click "Apply Now" to continue the application process. 

6. Registering

Applying for a position requires that you create an account. To register, click "click here to Register". 

Enter a username, password, password confirmation, and email address. Click "Register" to continue the registration process. 

Finally, enter information in all required fields (denoted with an asterisk) and click "Save" to complete registration. 

7. Applying for the Job

Navigate to the home page by clicking "Careers Home". To apply for the job you selected previously, click "Search for Jobs". Enter the aforementioned Job Opening ID and click "Search". 

The position will appear in the list. Check the box located next to the position and click "Apply Now" to apply for the job. 

8. Uploading a Résumé

Next, indicate whether you wish to upload a résumé by clicking the radio buttons on the current page. 

If uploading a résumé, a dialog box will appear. Browse through your files to select the resume and click "Upload". Continue to the final page to finish the application process. 

9. Submitting the Application

Finally, fill out all the information on the current page. You must indicate availability, work experience, education history, liscences or certifications, and referral sources. When finished, click "Submit" to complete the application process. 

This completes the application process.