Accounting Informational Session Presentation

This presentation is designed to explain fund accounting, chartfields, and the MPathways relationships.

   Additional Information/Training:

Business Object's Beginner's Lab Presentation

This presentation is designed to give the Business Objects User basic knowledge of the query tool.  It will show how to log in, run a query, print and save.

Business Object's Departmental Reconciliation Presentation

This presentation is designed to show how to use a Business Objects "UM Maintained" query to reconcile monthly statements.

P-Card ATM Cash Withdrawal/Misc Expense & Travel/Hosting Reimbrusement Forms Presentation

This presentation is designed to explain the difference between the two forms and provide details for completing each form.

   Additional Information/Training:

  • Documentation Guide - This guide describes what type of receipts/documents are required for the P- Card ATM or Travel & Hosting Reimbursement Forms. 
  • Quick Tips Guide - This is a job aid for P-Card REconcilers or users who prepare Travel & Hosting      Documentation.  It is a list of "notes" from the Accounts Payable department on the most common issues, questions, and mistakes.