Show Your Flint Pride.

This weekend, espeically Sunday evening, is an important one for Flint. The spotlight is shining and the world is watching. While you're following the media coverage online, we want you to share your own perspective and positive experiences as a member of the Flint community.

Join the conversation online using the hashtag #UMFlintDebate on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Additional hashtags include: #UMFlint, #CNNDebate, and #FlintFWD.

Use the hashtags to: 

  • Highlight Flint's hidden gems.
  • Tell the world your UM-Flint experience. 
  • Share how you’re helping to move #FlintFWD.
  • Show the creative, fun, unexpected side of Flint.
  • Show your Flint pride and help celebrate who we are. 

Also, when you see people hating on Flint, use your voice and speak up. Together we can change the narrative and perceptions. We can tell an authentic story. Our story. One that is more than just water injustice and inequality—though, without a doubt, those are real and important issues here. But let’s also tell the story that celebrates our diversity, our resiliency, our strength, and our pride. Join us!