Foreign Languages Faculty/Staff

The Foreign Languages Department is comprised of a very diverse group of persons, with numerous international cultural experiences as language professionals and individuals. We share our expertise and first-hand knowledge of the languages, literatures, and cultures of other nations in an effort to promote the understanding and value of human, cultural, and ethnic diversity in our global community.

For inquiries, please contact the Foreign Languages Department support staff:

D.J. Trela, Interim Chair
Professor of English

Ms. Jessica Gutiérrez
Principal Secretary
Phone: (810) 762-3370

Tenure-Track Faculty

Dr. Imane A. Hakam
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages (French)
French Section Coordinator 

Dr. Jamile T. Lawand
Associate Professor of Foreign Languages (Spanish)
Phi Sigma Iota (Rho Rho Chapter)
Advisor & Spanish Section Coordinator  

Lecturer Faculty

Dr. Mohamed Daassa
Lecturer in Arabic and French

Ms. Gisele Farah
Lecturer in French

Ms. Theresa Fedio
Lecturer in American Sign Language

Dr. Jing Fu 
Lecturer in Mandarin Chinese

Ms. Theresa Knoll
Lecturer in Spanish

Ms. Elke Kramer
Lecturer in German  

Dr. Dolores Pons-Hervás
Lecturer in Spanish
Spanish Basic Courses Coordinator

Dr. Joseph Tyler
Lecturer in Spanish

Ms. Gabriela Zintsmaster
Lecturer in Spanish